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Principles And Methods Of Determining The Prescription Of Glasses For Myopia

The decision to glasses prescription for myopia should be paid great attention to the fact that children and teenagers often have pseudomyopia due to over-reading or writing, which causes tension or spasms of regulation. Of course, pseudomyopia is not allowed to wear myopia glasses but should be treated in time, strengthen the guidance of vision hygiene, and most can be restored to normal. However, due to true myopia, vision loss occurs, affecting learning and working, whether mild, moderate, or high, should be optometrically tested. Eyeglasses can restore normal vision or improve visual acuity and make regulation and convergence to restore or close to balance, eliminating muscle eye fatigue, which is conducive to learning and work. As for myopia glasses is it often worn well? Inhibit only in the distance when wearing good? Is it better to wear partially corrected glasses? Is it better to wear fully corrective glasses? It depends on the patient’s age, occupation, degree of myopia, and habits.

The principle of spectacles prescription for myopia is: under the premise of excluding orthoptic and hyperopic refractive errors, use concave lenses for correction, and among the lenses for obtaining normal vision or more satisfactory corrected vision, the weakest of them will be the first to be used as the number of spectacles prescription.

(a) Children and young people with mild myopia that does not affect their study without spectacles do not need to wear spectacles hastily.

Where the distance visual acuity is 0.8 or more, most of the pseudomyopia, that is, or part of the real, the degree is also very light, so there is no need to wear glasses. However, if the vision loss is more obvious mild myopia, requires glasses, and should be paralyzed ciliary muscle after optometry to determine the prescription of glasses. At this time, the prescription of spectacles can be worn only when looking at a distance, but can also be used frequently.

(b) Adults with mild and moderate myopia who feel uncomfortable wearing spectacles when reading can wear spectacles only when looking at a distance, and it is forbidden to over-correct the spectacles they wear.

(c) For high myopia without spectacles, the patient can be partially corrected first, and then the number of lenses can be increased appropriately when the patient gets used to it. In this way, the patient can be saved from discomfort and pain, and it is also easy to be accepted by the patient.

High myopia who have not worn glasses, once wearing fully corrective glasses, due to the narrowing of the image on the retina, the thick edge of the lens has a prismatic effect and the phenomenon of aberration and dispersion, so that the patient is difficult to tolerate; at the same time, due to the distance between the far point of such an eye is very close, usually do not have to regulate or seldom adjusted, when wearing fully corrective glasses, so that the far end is shifted to the infinite distance, at this time, the near immediately require the regulation of activities, resulting in eye fatigue, and give up the patient. As a result, the patient will have eye fatigue and give up wearing glasses. Therefore, the prescription should be carefully considered for patients of different ages and occupations, and for various degrees of myopia.

Is it better to have big frames or small frames for myopia glasses?

Now many people like to wear large eyeframes, especially young people, because large eyeglasses frames wear a fashionable retro sense, the following is to say that myopia glasses large frames or small frames good? Recommended reading: What kind of eyeglasses frame looks good?

Firstly, small frames


Glasses with small frames generally do not have the oppressive feeling of the frame being too large, for highly myopic patients, wear glasses with small frames, not only to take into account the appearance but also to improve the periphery of the lens deformation and distortion brought about by the trouble. 


If the frame is too small, the glasses will not be able to block more harmful rays outside the lenses, so the rays will enter the eyes directly and will not protect the eyes. At the same time, if the frame is too small, the myopic patient’s field of vision will be relatively small. Especially for children and young people with low myopia, a smaller field of vision will affect the overall normal development of visual function.

Second, large spectacle frames


Large frames give us a clear enough view of the eye and make us look elegant. Secondly, glasses with large frames make our faces look smaller. Of course, most of this is also caused by the influence of foreign fashionable and artistic youth


If the frame is too large, it will lead to glasses being too heavy, and wear for a long time will continue to give pressure to the bridge of the nose, resulting in deformation of the bridge of the nose subsidence, serious impact on the development of the nasal cavity and nasal ventilation, it is easy to induce rhinitis will also be because of the pressure to the bridge of the nose and the orbital nerves, there are symptoms of fatigue and soreness of the eyes between the eye sockets or the bridge of the nose, numbness and so on. In addition, if the wearer lowers his head or shakes his head a little too much, it is also easy to cause the glasses to fall off. Most importantly, glasses with large frames will indirectly accelerate the myopia of myopic patients.


The size of the glasses frame has its advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your situation, it is recommended that we can match a pair of moderate size, beautiful, comfortable frame. If you want to wear large-frame glasses, it is best to choose the lighter material of the large frame glasses. And for those who wish to wear small-framed glasses, rimless and half-rimmed glasses are a good choice.