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Putting a Personal Stamp on Your Car In 7 Easy Ways

Putting a Personal Stamp on Your Car In 7 Easy Ways

Putting a Personal Stamp on Your Car In 7 Easy Ways

December 5th, 2022

If your car is more than just a way of getting you from A to B and you see it more as an extension of your personality, you may be keen to customise it where possible. Here are seven easy ways that you can add a personalised touch to your car and make it stand out from the rest.

Custom Car Mats

Car mats are an easy way to add some personality to your car. They are available in so many different colours and styles, there really is something for everyone. You can even have your own custom image printed on them if you want to design your own. You can get them for the front seats and the back, and it’s a quick and easy way of adding a touch of colour to your car. You will be able to get them for every make and model of car, and if the car is not new, it’s a good way of freshening up your car.

A Car Scent

Scents can be very personal and can be important in triggering memories and feelings. Get the scent right in your car and it will be a pleasure to get into and take long journeys in. It doesn’t have to be something hanging from your rear-view mirror either, as you can get plug-in scents now that are a bit more subtle. Choose a scent that is not too overpowering. If you have a favourite candle smell, then you could see if they do that in a car air freshener.

Custom Number Plates

If you want to make your car truly unique to you then you might want to consider getting private number plates. You can look for a private number plate from Regtransfers that has your initials in it or maybe contains part of your name. Perhaps you are an avid gym goer or like to bake a lot. Get a private number registration that is connected to you or your favourite hobby to really make the car personal to you. They can also increase in value so are worth investing in.

Seat Covers

Putting on new seat covers is another easy way of personalising your car. Again, you can choose any colour you want, perhaps to match and complement your car mats. You can even get funky designs printed on them if that’s your style. It’s a great way of freshening up your car and giving it a whole new look. You can buy off the shelf or even get them custom made, and it’s also possible to have heated seat covers fitted that plug in to the cigarette lighter.

Custom Paint Job

Changing the colour of your car is not the easiest way to personalise it but it will have a massive impact. You can choose to have a custom paint job, and this doesn’t have to be just one colour. Maybe you want to add some racing stripes, or have other graphics painted onto your car. You can also get a car wrap to avoid having a full paint respray. This is where your car is covered, or partially covered, in a vinyl film. This film can protect the original paint from scratches as well as offer UV protection, so it is a great idea to consider.

Personalised Bumper Sticker

If you want personalisation on a slightly smaller scale, then you could always go for a personalised bumper sticker instead. Have one personally made for you so that it is truly unique, perhaps with a phrase or quote that you like. You could even get one made to advertise yourself or your business. There are lots of options out there if you want to add some cute images in vinyl, perhaps some stars or flowers to give your car that personalised touch. You’ll always be able to spot it in a car park then!

Good Sound System

If you spend a lot of time in your car, then you will want to have a good sound system with good speakers. If your car hasn’t already got this, then these can be upgraded. Most new cars now will allow you to plug in a USB device or your music player so that you can have access to all your music at the touch of a button. Gone are the days of CDs shoved in the glove compartment. Make sure your speakers are up to spec for what you need and create a playlist for long journeys so you don’t have to be fiddling with the sound system whilst driving.

So, whether your budget is big or small, there are plenty of different ways to really personalise your car and make it stand out from the rest. Whether it’s sticking on a few vinyl stickers, or going for a full colour vinyl wrap, you can easily add your personality to your car.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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