Argan Oil- The Queen Of Oils!

Argan oil – also referred to as “The Queen of Oils” – has taken the UK by storm since it blessed the cosmetic industry with its anti-ageing, hair smoothing, body nourishing qualities and recently, it seems to have categorically dominated the beauty world. Whether you’re scouring the shelves to see what’s new, stepping from the salon with a bouncy new hair-do, or speaking to your friends about their fresh-looking complexion, Argan oil is likely to be a part of the hype…

If you haven’t tried the luscious liquid yet (seriously?) then be prepared to see a transformation that will leave you ogling – for perhaps a little too long – in the mirror, for Argan oil works to fight frizzy hair, regulate sebum production, stimulate the renewal of new skin cells and even help to relieve dry skin conditions, such as eczema. In other words, the oil can be used all over, from head-to-toe, on all skin and hair types for brilliant beautifying benefits! (Yes, this information may lead you to become an Argan addict, but the jitters are bearable between uses, we promise).

The Beauty Team at House of Coco have tried and tested some of the latest Argan-infused products to hit the market so that you know where to head when hunting for the best…


Eve Taylor Clear Cleanse Camellia & Argan

Watch make-up and skincare woes simply melt away with this luxurious cleanser. Gently massage the lightweight, silky oil into your skin and add some water to help transform it into a creamy milk-like substance before washing it off.

Eve Taylor of Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin and Body Care and OBE, says: “A little goes a long way, so do use it sparingly!”

A cocktail of oils – including our much-loved Argan – work together in skin-loving harmony; Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants and coupled with Rice bran oil, the formula has age-defying properties to leave you with ultimately soft and supple skin.

You’ll find that every speck of dirt, make-up and worry from that day is removed as sunflower oil and peach kernel oil effortlessly dissolve make-up – including waterproof mascara – and sebum. Allow yourself to fully unwind before bed thanks to the calming Lavender oil within and sleep in bliss without the fear of make-up stained pillows when you awaken…

(; £19.99)


The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil Bath & Bodycare Collection

Like many of the ranges at The Body Shop, you’re not only blessed with one product containing your favourite ingredient, but instead a family of 9; including the classic Body Butter and Shower Gel.

The latest collection will douse you in the nutty, yet light and fresh aroma through every stage of cleansing; from your morning shower session right up until you pop on a layer of lip-balm before leaving the house…

The collection launch is today in Body Shop stores nationwide.

(; prices range from £4.00 – £14.00)


Windle & Moodie Nourishing Treatment Shampoo and Shine & Smoothing Oil

Windle & Moodie’s 22 piece hair-care collection has two key products within which are brimming with luscious Argan goodness. Neil Moodie, of Windle & Moodie, says: “Argan oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin diseases and as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair. It is used on hair to promote shine and strengthen”

So, don’t let the sun suck the shine from your locks this summer, and instead use Windle & Moodie’s Nourishing Treatment Shampoo to keep your hair looking healthy and full. The intense shampoo has been specifically created for dry and colour-treated hair, as the formula contains a colour-protection complex to ensure long-lasting vibrancy whilst Argan oil works to effectively strengthen and add shine. Special ingredient, Rooibos tea, is great for those of you wanting to achieve Rapunzel-inspired locks by fall, as the ingredient is rich in antioxidants which encourages hair growth.

Apply the Shine & Smoothing oil to damp hair before blow drying, as there’s a special agent within which tames fly-aways, or be a natural beauty and let your tresses dry in the sun with no fears of sun-damage thanks to its UV filter. The supercharged blend of apricot, camellia and Argan oil will work to nourish and smooth ALL hair types – so it’s well worth the investment!

(; £16.50- £21.00)

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