Quick Guide to Skincare

We all know that we should cleanse, tone and moisturise, but how many of us actually do this daily?  Our skincare routine is personal to us, sometimes we just wash and go, other times we go all out and pre-cleanse before cleansing, we do face masks if we’ve got the time, and occasionally we spend hours cleansing, toning and moisturising.  Here at #TeamCoco we’re a mixed bunch, our skin tones vary greatly, and we all have individual preferences whether it be oils or creams, serums or foams.  But there’s one thing we all know for sure, that we are all different in our approach to skincare and no single person does it right or wrong.

We have put together a few of the best bits from a full-on skincare routine, to show you which steps are the most important and which will benefit your skin the most.  It is of course up to you with your preferred routine, we’re just offering a simple guide to a few of our own daily skincare actions.

Step One – Water
Drink water like you’re a fish! #MermaidGoals
If you are dehydrated, your skin will show the effects straight away.  Denying your body of water can cause your skin cells to stop functioning properly.  Water rids your body of toxins, increases radiance, plumps skin cells and reduces breakouts of acne.


Step Two – Cleanse
It is essential to make sure your skin is seriously clean – especially if you live in a city or town where your skin is clogged with toxins and grime from the air.  This Micellaire Lotion from Embryolisse is a perfect way to start your routine. £15.99 for 200ml from Boots.

Step Three – Exfoliate
This step is especially important if you have dry, normal or combination skin.  Your skin loses almost a million skin cells every hour, so two to three times a week is good for exfoliating.  However, over-exfoliating can lead to irritation so cap it at this and if you have sensitive skin, reduce to once a week.  Opt for a gentle exfoliant, such as Transformulas Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser. £19.95 for 100ml from Transformulas online.

Step Four – Tone
Once you have cleansed, it’s imperative that you close the pores to stop dirt getting back in and causing spots.  This is a key step in your routine, and cleansing without toning is pointless, so invest in a good one.  This Lustre Lotion from Skin D-luxe is great. £10.00 for 210ml, available from Fake Bake Beauty online.

Step Five – Serum
Use a serum even if you don’t know what serums actually do!  Serums are thin in consistency, but contain a high concentrate of active-ingredients to address very specific skin concerns, whilst moisturisers are thick and hydrate the skin to stop water loss.  The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum is a potent age defying serum, clinically proven to increase firmness and decrease frown lines. £45.95 for 30ml from Look Fantastic online.


Step Six – Eye Cream
The skin beneath your eyes is the most delicate and sensitive on your face, which means it needs a little extra love in your skincare routine.  The skin around the eye thins out more with age, and as skin naturally stops producing collagen from the age of 25, we need all the help we can get!  Opt for this Marine Miracle Eyezone from Transformulas to plump and reduce eye-bags. £41.95 for 10ml, available from Transformulas online.

Step Seven – Moisturise
Benefits of moisturising include; protecting the skin, improving skin tone and texture, skin hydration and masking imperfections.  We can’t get enough of the Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré, priced at £13.00 for 30ml, and available from Boots.

Step Eight – Lips
Make sure you don’t stop at your skin, lips need a little TLC too!  Lip balm is a godsend for dry, sore or chapped lips.  Keep your lips pout perfect at all times by using a lip balm with all the necessary ingredients that offer a soothing and soft finish.
We’re loving the Lord & Berry Active Spa Moisture Lip Balm Stick SPF15, priced at £14.00 from Lord & Berry online.

These are our priority skincare routine essentials.  Spend just one morning or evening this week doing all eight steps and see the difference on your skin, you’ll be thankful you did!

Rachel McAlley

Rachel is currently a UK travel writer and beauty writer for House of Coco, she spends most of the week locked away in her country garden studio watching the world whizz by, and most of the weekend whizzing around the UK!

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