No two seasons have the same characteristics. Keeping in tune with the seasons, the style and fashion statement of a person should also change. Summers may be uncomfortable, but following some easy tricks will ensure that you stay at the top of your fashion game. All fashion lovers have some tricks up their sleeves, which allow them to look fresh and fashionable, even during the hottest days. One need not spend thousands on dresses, shoes, and accessories to look fabulous and hot during summers. Mix and match the basic outfits to create a new look that will force others to take note of your impeccable dressing sense.

Stick to primary colours and outfits

You are most welcome to add extra pops of colour to your attire. But it is best to play with cool tonesandneutralcolours during summer days. Make sure you have basic black, grey, light brown and white shirts and tops in your wardrobe. That way, you can create several looks with befitting bottom-wear and accessories.

Stick to short dresses

Summers months are the perfect time to show off your sexy long legs. It is the best time to sport those short and summery dresses with panache. If you desire to stay fresh and cool during the hot summers, then the best option is to stick to a short dress, shorts, mini-skirts and airy tops. You are free to pick any clothing for a casual outing, but when selecting clothes for the professional space, try to keep it classy and tasteful but not opting for too short attires.

Balanced skin show

Summers are not all about skin show. It is also about attaining a balance in your clothes. Too much and unnecessary skin show will not make you fashionable. A true fashionista knows that one can only look stylish by hitting the right balance. If you are going for short bottom-wear, then make sure you pick a top with long sleeves. In case, you desire a sophisticated look like wide legged palazzos; then you can opt for a sleeveless top-wear. The balance thus achieved will assist one to flaunt her style and fashion statement with ease. For the office, the second option is better. To complete the look, opt for some sleek and formal watches and subtle office makeup.


Opting for natural fabrics

Both male and female fashion lovers want to look their best even in during the hottest days. People who genuinely understand fashion know that it is best to opt for natural fabrics during summers. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen and cotton-silk blends will come to your rescue during these uncomfortable times. Natural materials are softer, gentle on the skin and also allow the easy passage of air. This easy movement of air will keep you cool and fresh the entire day. If you have to spend a significant part of the day outside, then linen and cotton shirts, light blazers and trousers are your “go-to” natural fabrics. Only a person who is comfortable in his/her clothes will be able to look amazing.

Summer-friendly hairstyles

Men generally sport shorter hairstyles. That helps in keeping them cool and fresh during the hot summer days. But most women like to flaunt their long wavy locks. Keeping your hair open looks sophisticated and enhances facial beauty. But do keep in mind that you have to be out and about during the hot summer days as well. Open locks may cause discomfort when you are outdoors. It is here thatsummer-friendly hairstyles come to the forefront. If you can; opt for shorter haircuts. Hairstylists have come up with several hairdos, which will keep women cool and fashionable. In case you do not want to chop off those tresses, then opting for up-do hairstyles will come to your rescue.


Opt for jumpsuits and rompers

Both jumpsuits and rompers are ideal for the summer heat. If you nail the right fabric selection, then you will be sorted for the hot days and nights. Rompers will offer the perfect summery look for casual events. Jumpsuits, on the other hand, are fantastic for casual as well as formal occasions. It depends on the design of the outfit and how you accessorize it. For a professional look, opting for full length, tapered and solid coloured jumpsuits, teamed with a light blazer, is enough. Printed, textured and brightly coloured jumpsuits will look amazing for summer weddings, parties, and get-togethers.

Go easy on the accessory selection

The summers are all about looking trendy by keeping it simple. It is best to dress down during summer days with a proper choice of accessories. When the sun sets, you can experiment with chunky and statement jewelry. Putting on several accessories will only offer a “too much going on” feeling to your look. That is not desirable during summer mornings. Opting for dainty pieces will provide a cleaner and sophisticated appearance. During summers, your best accessories are sunglasses, hats, and watches. One can experiment with these pieces according to the event and the outfit. The best part is both men and women will be able to complete their looks with these accessories.


Be it summer or winter; you need to make sure that your dress, shoes, and accessories exude style and fashion. Yes! Summers can be a difficult time for those who cannot stand the heat and sweat. But that must not be an excuse to stay away from fashion. With simple hacks and tricks, you will be able to beat the heat effortlessly. This summer, try to stick to natural and breathable fabrics, and you will be able to make your style statement. Blindly following fashion trends is not a wise decision. At the end of the day, comfort matters. If you are not comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, then you will fail to impress others with your overall ensemble.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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