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58 Gin’s ‘pink’ gin gives back this International Gin and Tonic Day, 19th October 2020 This International Gin and Tonic Day (October 19th) 58 Gin is giving people [...]

58 Gin’s ‘pink’ gin gives back this International Gin and Tonic Day, 19th October 2020

This International Gin and Tonic Day (October 19th58 Gin is giving people the chance to enjoy the world’s best G&T and support Breast Cancer Awareness month, with a charitable donation made with every purchase of 58’s Apple & Hibiscus ‘pink’ gin.

Voted G&T Gold Winner 2020 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), 58 Gin’s winning G&T is created using hand-crafted and sustainably produced Apple & Hibiscus Gin, coupled with Merchant Heart Hibiscus Tonic.  Those wanting to recreate this beautiful drink can also help support breast cancer research, as for every bottle of 58 Apple & Hibiscus sold, £2 will be donated to charity, with 58 Gin matching all proceeds at the end of the month.

58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin & Tonic: The Perfect Serve


50ml 58 Apple & Hibiscus

200ml Merchant Heart Hibiscus Tonic Water

Apple slice to garnish


Pour the 58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin over a generous amount of ice.  Top with Merchant Heart Hibiscus Tonic Water and garnish with an apple slice.

58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin is made using surplus and wonky apples from the fifth generation Loddington farm in Kent, which are vapour distilled alongside hibiscus flowers to create an incredibly pure flavour.

The sweet and sour notes of the apple and hibiscus compliment the spice of juniper and cubeb pepper and the outcome is a perfectly balanced, deliciously smooth, fresh tasting gin.  After distillation the waste botanicals go back to James, the farmer to be used in his compost – a truly green full circle!

Like all 58 Gins, 58 Apple & Hibiscus contains only natural ingredients and is entirely vegan and gluten-free with no artificial additives, sugar, sweeteners, or sulphites. 

Presented in bespoke, embossed, recycled glass bottles that are 100% recyclable even down to the glass cork, 58 Apple & Hibiscus Gin (70cl, 43% ABV) is available from 58gin.com (£34). 

Carmen O’Neal, Managing Director at 58 Gin said: “We’re so proud that our 58 Apple & Hibiscus G&T has been declared the best in the world! Doing what we can to tackle food wastage and distil spirts in the most sustainable and ethical way possible is so important to us, so to have our wonky-apple gin G&T gain such acclaim really is fantastic!

“This International G&T Day, and throughout October we’re happy to support Breast Cancer Awareness month with the sale of our Apple & Hibiscus Gin, like we support The Drinks Trust on an ongoing basis through the sale of our Gin-itizer hand sanitiser.”

To discover more about 58 Gin, visit: www.58gin.com / Instagram:@58Gin Twitter: @58Gin Facebook: 58Gin

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