Raising the Bar – How to Increase Your Party Prowess

No one wants to be associated with a boring party. And as a party planner, you should be striving for anything but. When increasing your party prowess, you have to look at your event from every angle to make sure that your guests will leave completely entertained, and your number one fan. So what takes your party prowess to these new great heights?

Achieve the WOW factor

The WOW factor is that edge that keeps your guests completely engaged, even after the event has concluded. This can look different for every occasion, but try and find some sort of activity that will entertain your guests and encourage them to mingle. Photo booth hire in Sydney is a one stop shop for achieving that WOW factor, and the quirky photos will live on for years to come. To make a real splash, create a hashtag for the event so that your guests can share the fun on their social channels.

Decide on a menu concept

Your chosen food and drink can either make or break an event. The last thing you want is for people to leave your event hungry, but this doesn’t mean you should feed them just anything. Decide on a menu concept that is in step with the location you have chosen, and the type of event you are throwing. A hot mexican spread may not be the best bet for a lunch event in the middle of Summer, just as a cold seafood platter isn’t advisable for a Winter evening event. Gauge the mood of the event and pivot your cuisine and drink offering to suit that style.

Set a theme

No, themes have not been overdone! They are classics for a reason, so consider adding a bit of intrigue to your event with a party theme that will get your guests outside of their comfort zone.  Your theme should be reflected not just in the costumes of you and your guests, but also in the props and design of your event styling. Don’t be afraid to flex those creative muscles – it will be absolutely worth it and will set the scene for a party of fun.

Consider the logistics

Party logistics? Not the sexiest topic, but one that will make running your event so much easier. Clarify with your venue the nitty gritty details like; parking, noise limitations, bathroom and access points. If you have this intel before the day of the event, you will be better equipped to run your event and enjoy yourself while doing so. Better yet, have your event on private property so that you can control and perfect every feature.

Don’t overlook the invitation

These days, throwing a party is as simple as creating a Facebook event. No one is denying the efficiency of that process – but where is the flair? To really raise the bar, why not send physical invites to your guests. That’s right, we’re talking snail mail. Receiving mail is now such a novelty, and it stirs excitement far more than yet another Facebook event.

Increasing your party prowess comes with being creative, and treating every event as a work of art. If you’re visions are all over the place, pin them down – literally. Use Pinterest to contain your concepts or whip out the sketchpad and glue stick for a more tactile planning experience.


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