RE PLACE London is the new wellness clinic you simply must try

If you’ve never heard of lymphatic drainage before – then now is the time to jump in the body rolling bandwagon. [...]

If you’ve never heard of lymphatic drainage before – then now is the time to jump in the body rolling bandwagon. Our girl Hannah Tan-Gillies ventured to RE PLACE London to be one of the very first people to try its innovative lymphatic massage treatments. Here is what went down.

RE PLACE, the first of its kind in town, is bringing the lymphatic massage concept from LA and New York to London. Its Body Roller machines are a game-changer for banishing stubborn fats, loose skin and ridding your body of nasty toxins.

Walking into the RE PLACE London studio in Westbourne Grove is like entering a wellbeing sanctuary from the future. Before starting your treatment, the lovely Jade at front of house will tell you all about the myriad of benefits of lymphatic drainage massage and myofascial release, which (as we learned) can help boost your body’s natural lymphatic systems to get rid of bloating, excess fluids and toxins.

Before getting down to business, we visited the RE PLACE London café for some delicious, dairy-free coffees and protein snacks. The staff at RE PLACE London make a wicked cup of joe, and it’s easy to get lost exploring the different healthy snacks and drinks on offer here too. We especially liked NUCCY’s Nut Butter, which offers deliciously nut spreads, the 111Skin face mask and the Served Hard Seltzer.

Downstairs in the treatment room, you will find several of RE PLACE London’s innovative Body Roller machines. These machines combine the benefits of lymphatic rolling with infrared and collagen lights that can help reduce inflammation and boost circulation leaving you feeling revitalised and recovered.

Don’t expect a relaxing massage though, because the 45-minute Body Roller experience is just as much a workout as it is a massage. As a Body Roller novice, I mistakenly thought you were going to lie underneath the roller and have all your toxins squeezed out of you – unsurprisingly that was totally inaccurate. Instead, the 45-minute session is broken down into 3 minute intervals, rolling different parts of your body starting from the feet all the way to your arms. The secret, according to Jade, is to roll towards your heart. This is the best method to maximise your body’s lymphatic drainage system.

Indeed, after the 45-minute session, I felt light, toned and svelte. RE PLACE London takes a 360-degree holistic approach to wellness and so after the rolling session, we were invited to try Somadome, which is a kind of futuristic meditation dome that will help you relax the mind.

Overall, the RE PLACE London experience left us feeling rebalanced in mind, body and soul. RE PLACE’s treatments were designed to complement any form of training – no matter how active – and are excellent for people looking to diversify their fitness and wellbeing routines. RE PLACE London is a wonder – and we shall surely be returning.

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