Ready for your summer hair change and A-List Treatment? Try Paul Edmonds.

Whether you’re at the end of your tether with your hair, looking for a pamper treat, for that salon that goes the extra mile or whether you just fancy a little bit of luxury; Then Paul Edmonds is the place for you.

Here at House of Coco, we had the pleasure of being utterly spoilt at the Knightsbridge salon.

Paul Edmonds Interior

Situated in a Georgian-inspired townhouse based on Brompton Road, the salon boasts all things luxury.

From the moment I stepped inside, I knew I was in good hands. Paul opened the salon over 25 years ago and since the salon has developed into the perfect environment to be totally pampered.

Trusted by powerhouses, actors, artists like Sam Smith and Vogue for a tribute to Salvadore Dali. Paul knows how to make every client feel like royalty.

A unique combination of sophistication and urban chic makes you feel completely relaxed and at home.

I was immediately welcomed by the loveliest reception team and given my ever chic robe, before I was placed into the attentive care of Shanice and Lamia.

The treatments I was booked in for were a blow dry and manicure. Not normally one for a blow dry or allowing many people to touch my hair excluding myself and my cousin who has been my hairdresser for the past 15 years; I was unsure of what I wanted.

After much discussion about the natural wave in my hair and what I felt comfortable with, Lamia and I decided on a low key Chelsea blow dry, with just the right amount of volume. I was then whisked away for my cleanse, condition and complimentary Indian head massage, before returning to my pamper station. Lamia got to work on my locks, as Shanice went through the extensive collection of nail polish colours available. As always I opted for a nude.

As the ladies got to work on my blow dry and manicure… at the same time, may I add; I took the opportunity to watch the workings of the salon.

Upon nosing around I began to take in just how busy the salon is. With around 40 staff all treating clients, there should be a sense of stress or rush, however everything and everyone is so calm and collective, as everyone knows exactly what they are doing. Creating a fun, fast paced, yet relaxing environment to be in.

At first glance, the salon seems small and homely; however it extends in all areas. Downstairs is dedicated to the spa, which decor is modern, minimalist yet unbelievably chic. The EF Skin spa offers a range of treatments such as deep tissue massages, facials, waxing, fillers and hair growth, all using the highest quality products.

Paul Edmonds Spa

Manicures and pedicures are also done in the spa, manicures range from £25 upwards but if you want something extra, the Paul Edmonds signature manicure is priced at £100. For special occasions there is also the option for eye lash extensions, make-up application and even a variety of semi-permanent make-up options available.

Despite the extensive range of treatments Paul Edmonds is a renowned style innovator, with leading hair stylists making the Knightsbridge salon a celebrity haunt.

A cleanse, condition cut and finish from Paul will cost £275 but from other stylists range from £58 upwards. Colour experts range from £60 to£ 460, the salon is also up to date with current trends, offering balayge ranging from £140 – £340 or you can even opt for the newest summer craze ‘bronde’ in the ever trusted hands of experienced colourists.

Covering everything from permanent blow dry’s, hair extensions, hair relaxers and hair straightening. Paul also offers treatments such as hydro resin keratin and botanic clay, to help revive those precious locks.

Men, you needn’t feel left out, as Paul also offers a selection of men’s grooming.

On top of all this you can also order lunch, snacks and champagne, all as your being pampered!

pe champers

Paul’s attention to detail and eccentricity is noticeable in almost every area of the salon, from the staff he employs, to the font and style of each menu. All done within the hour, perfect for those on the go or who need a lunchtime appointment

However, when it comes to what makes Paul Edmond’s salon truly stand out from the rest, it’s not the lavish environment or complimentary Indian head massage that wins you over. It’s the fact that the staff take the time and effort to understand you and your personal style and comforts.

So whether you want to gently evolve, subtly maintain, or completely transform,then use the staffs expertise and intuition to create the perfect look for you.

However making Paul Edmonds a statement in your life will set you back but if you want a list looks and to be treated like royalty it’s the price you have to pay and is so worth it.

sam smith pe

Although I won’t be abandoning my cousin anytime soon Paul Edmonds is my new favourite for whenever I’m in Knightsbridge because well, who doesn’t want a glass of champers with their blow dry?

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