Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Quality Bedroom

Each time I have renovated my home, I ave left the bedroom until last and spent far less money on it than the rest of the home. Recently however this changed and I realized just how important it was that my own bedroom was well decorated and and some money spent on it. I decked the feature wall out in some luxury wallpaper, I invested in some glamorous features and an impressive lampshade, and even took a trip to the amazing Billy’s Beds and laid some serious cash down on a new mattress and sleigh bed. I have very much learned from past mistakes, and here is why you should always invest in a quality bedroom. 

Self Love 

The thing that dawned on me most was that having an amazing bedroom is very much an act of self love, it is something which you can do in order to reward yourself and it is an investment which will ultimately make you happier. The bedroom is your personal space, so why wouldn’t you want it to look spectacular?

Time Spent 

If we only take sleep into consideration here, and assume that we sleep for 7 hours every night,that means thatwe will spend 2,555 hours in the bedroom, which equates to 106 days per year, almost a 3rd of our entire lives, spent in that room. This remember is without adding in the time for relaxing, getting dressed or any other bedroom activity. And so, the room in which you spend a third of your life in, now that is a room that deserves to have some very big investment laid down, wouldn’t you agree?


The bedroom is very much our sanctuary and after a tough day or perhaps even a tough week,  walking into the room and closing the door behind us gives us our very own corner of the world where we can find some real peace. For this reason it is essential that this is a room which is filled with some gorgeous design and features, so that we can genuinely feel that sense of a sanctuary and our own personal space to recharge the soul and the spirit. 


The practice of feng shui is not something which I wholeheartedly believe in but I do very much believe that they have a point when talking about the psychology of design and what the design of a room means. Waking up in a mess is going to instantly put you in a bad mood, waking up in a clean room will do the opposite. This then is exactly why you should invest well in your bedroom to make sure that, assuming you keep it tidy, you wake up feeling energized and happy, and ready for the day ahead. Once you have invested well in your room you will see exactly what I am talking about, a feeling which really makes you want to get out of bed and start your day. 

Next time that you renovate, be sure to spend some money on the bedroom, you won’t regret it.