“Please like my video on TikTok”. You must have said this line multiple times in your videos and in the content that you post beneath the video to gain attention. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it feels like TikTok growth refuses to listen to you. Yes, that causes the next level of frustration. Witnessing that many of you are sailing in the same boat, we have written this blog that will prepare an outline telling you ways to get more likes on TikTok. After following the tips you will notice a significant difference in engagement on your TikTok videos.

However, before that, we would like you to explore some TikTok-related statistics.

TikTok was the application to play a frontal role in political news and views in the election year. Katie Harbath, the CEO and founder of, Anchor Change, a technology policy said that this will be a difficult road for TikTok to walk on. The platform had to make similar decisions that Meta and Google took in the past. Candidates will use the channel to reach their voters like Biden’s campaign collaborated with TikTok influencers.

Agora Pulse says that it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 influencers on TikTok.

Apple App Store shares that the video-sharing platform is available in 57 languages. A few of them are Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Cambodian, Cebuano, Czech, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, and many more.

Furthermore, Social Shepherd reports that 61% of TikTok users come across new products and brands on the channel. Besides that, 92% of the users take the necessary engagement actions watching the content such as liking, commenting, and sharing.

How can we not mention data from Statista? The website says that TikTok is the fifth most popular social networking site.

Socially Powerful adds that TikTok keeps providing enough options for influencers to unleash their creativity through videos, however, with the emergence of other sites too, the application is getting tough competition growth-wise.

TikTok has gathered votes, especially from Gen Z, who are fond of making and posting a variety of TikTok videos.

Since we are done talking about the statistics, let’s take our car forward and talk about the strategies to get more likes on TikTok.

How to Get Likes on TikTok?

We are well familiar with the daily struggle you go through to get more likes on TikTok but worry no more as the following strategies will clear the passage and allow the flow of TikTok likes. What are they? Let’s discuss turn-by-turn:

Stay Up-To-Date On the Latest Trends

Like other social media applications, there are trends on TikTok too that when followed take your TikTok success to the next level. What crosses your mind when we say trends? It is to catch hold of trending hashtags, sounds, lyrics, dance routines, and challenges. Refrain from copying them. If you follow the ditto theory, then your audience is bound to get bored and move on to the next influencer, who has something different to share. Do you want that to happen? No, right? Then wake up your inner creator to infuse creativity in your posting videos to compel your followers to stick to your TikTok content. This reveals that you are interested in catching up with what’s new while you are garnishing variety in your video content.

Hop On The Trend As Soon As You Spot

This is essential. Once you see that your For You page is filled with videos made with the same idea, it means a trend is responsible for these viral videos. That it! Hop on the trend as soon as you identify that it’s going to be the next big reason for posting videos. You cannot afford to procrastinate in this area as timeliness is critical and you will like to see your video amongst the hit ones. So why waste time in the hope of something better to show or create something later? Start making videos to attract your TikTok audience before the charm of the trend diminishes and you gain nothing out of it.

Use Trending Sounds

It’s easy to identify trending sounds, especially when you see 5 to 6 videos using the same background sounds, lyrics, or music. Using trending sounds in your TikTok video does matter. It works as a magnet as viewers enjoy listening to the video and alongside your video can also receive engagement in the form of likes for which you are doing all the hard work. How to merge the music in your videos is your test. Therefore, make sure that you pass it to find yourself in the viral videos.

Grab The Other TikTok Users In Seconds

Attention span has drastically decreased and looking at that only the duration of videos has reduced too. People want to watch good content but short videos. What can you do here?


Hook Your Viewers In the First 2-3 Seconds

Consider these seconds as your lifeline. Don’t casually begin your content. It should start with a thought-provoking question, a humorous line, informative data, or a creative visual that serves as a reason to watch the remaining video.

Your Video Quality Matters

Another prominent factor is the quality of your video. How do you record your videos? Are they well-lit? TikTok influencers assume that purchasing fancy equipment will do the deed. But that is a grave misconception. Spending on good devices is secondary and having access to natural light, clear voice, and hassle-free editing is primary. Try your best to make videos in day time to capture natural light as that will boost the result of the moving visuals. Yes, you can order a tripod to set on uneven surfaces to achieve stability. What editing applications do you use for enhancing videos? There are options like CapCut, which is favored by many influencers. The application has unlimited options for fonts, effects, texts, transitions, and brightness tools that can assist in elevating the quality of your content. Therefore if you were using some application that was hindering in providing you with the best results then give CapCut a chance.

Is Your Profile Well Optimized?

Your TikTok profile should be well-optimized so people can easily discover you and your TikTok posts. Wondering how to tackle this area? It’s pretty simple:

A Strong Profile Picture and Bio

When other TikTok users visit your profile, they see your profile picture and the bio you have written to describe yourself what kind of videos do you post? That is your first impression and as you must have heard the phrase “First impression is the last impression”, so have a look at your profile and identify what is missing. If the picture is very old, then change it with a recent one that is vibrant enough to force users to tap on the icon to see you.

Stepping forward, work on your bio too. What have you written there? Mention clear and to-the-point details about your brand that deliver the message directly and audiences find it hard to figure out what your content is about. And yes, include relevant keywords that help people find you.

Use Hashtags To Reach a Wider Audience

Creating content without relevant hashtags is hard work going down the drain. There is a reason that great emphasis is given to the usage of hashtags that are too relevant. Users often go overboard while using hashtags, but miss the point of using relevant hashtags. Hence in order to convince TikTok to take your side, use relevant hashtags representing your category. Why? Because that will further assist in escalating your profile. The relevant hashtags should maintain a balance of search and popularity volume. Quit the habit of stuffing your captions with hashtags as that too is a red flag. Just take 5-10 relevant hashtags and blend them strategically in the written content beneath.

Highlight Your Best TikTok Posts

You must have quite a few videos that gain millions of views and likes. How about you use the feature of highlighting your best TikTok posts? Whoever visits your profile, will view the highlights and get a good idea of the content you post here. The ones who find scrolling a tedious job can easily have a look at the highlighted posts and if they find it nice then be prepared to receive new likes. You wouldn’t mind that, right?

Make The Best Use of the TikTok Creator Portal

Did you experiment with the TikTok Creator Portal? If not then, trust us, you will regret not doing so. TikTok Creator Portal acts as an all-rounder as it provides you with all the resources to make engaging videos on this video-sharing platform. The portal is not bothered by the fact that you are just a starter or expert at creating videos. It just permits you to:

Enter The Creator Academy

The term ‘academy’ gives you the hint that it is some kind of an educational institution. It can be classified as one since the academy equips you with educational resources that you can dig deeper into and participate in workshops, watch live tutorials, and attend sessions. You will gather massive knowledge regarding video editing, effective use of adding music and sound effects as background of your video, and storytelling techniques. The virtual academy helps you create premium-quality content that is engaging too. You never know you might turn out to give heavy competition to other existing influencers.

Collaborate and Duet

Collaboration with other representatives of your field is never a harmful option, instead, the exchange proves to be a fruitful and peaceful journey of engagement. The academy provides you with the option of collaborating with other creators as well. Here you can easily learn how they grew from scratch or made their videos that started going viral. The dual strategy furnishes you with innovative content ideas and new audiences get to know you too.

Post Regularly And Stay Consistent

Oh yes! You must post regularly showing your utmost level of consistency. Posting regularly means appearing on your followers’ feeds at least 4-5 times, so your content is able to make a consistent impact. If you want your videos to get flooded with likes then you have to follow the rule of posting regularly. People forget the users who post after months and assume that the profile is inactive. On the other end, it is not true, but do you think your followers will believe you? To remain in their memories you have to post daily. That shows how dedicated you are to posting videos and keeping your audience entertained.

Use TikTok’s Effects To Enhance Your Videos

TikTok offers you a bunch of effects that you can use to enhance your videos. Once you are done making your video, then play around with the effects. See what immediately makes a difference and appeals to the eyes as well. You cannot expect the audience to like videos that are poorly lit or dark. Therefore good use effects to enhance your videos.

Make Your Video Accessible to Others

It can be quite a possibility that your account’s privacy settings are private and that became a barrier for receiving likes. Have a look at your account’s privacy settings and change if necessary. Make your video accessible to others.


So fellow TikTok influencers, we have provided you with sufficient ideas or suggestions to gain maximum likes. Now it’s your choice where to begin and what to use.


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