Sometimes, you wonder why your undies are not durable enough, you even begin to doubt the integrity of the producers, and the quality of their products.

In some conditions, it’s not always the fault of the producer. Let’s check out some other reasons why your undies don’t last. Meanwhile, you might want to check out this premium cheeky underwear.

Dried in very hot conditions

Underwear fabrics react heavily to extremely hot conditions, especially ones that are ultimately elastic. They should rather be dried in warm or breezy conditions where the elasticity of the underwear can be ultimately preserved. When drying your undies, be wary of drying them with a dryer. Elasticity matters. Once the elastic band in the undies gets worn out, then the undies are as good as gone.

Hard Washing

Undies can never be preserved when it is washed too hard, especially when scrubbed during washing. It is important to always scrub your undies gently, so as not to possibly tear away some parts of your undies. For some reason, if you prefer to use a washing machine, make sure you press the ‘gentle’ button so as to ensure easy washing of your undies.

Bacteria and Germs

Undies stay very close to the skin, and there is a high possibility of contacting the bacteria that emanates from sweaty and dirty skin. Bacteria settle on it, and it causes constant stains. The underwear consequently becomes either blackish or brownish. Apart from the stain, it embraces a horrible stench that would likely stick in all your undies.

Also, bacteria settle down on your undies when the water used to wash them, is very dirty and is liable to contain thousands of bacteria.

Poor Storage

When your undies are not stored properly, there is a high possibility of contracting bacteria on them. Especially when you store it in places where there are unwashed clothes or places where pets dangle up and down, it will surely contract bacteria. Anyway, it is best to store them safely in a wardrobe, in a hanger.


In places where there are clothes with dye, it is inadvisable to wash your undies. It will surely become bleached, once you wash or soak it in already-bleached water. Once it becomes bleached, it is always dull and unfashionable to wash. Try as much as possible to avoid bleaching your plain-white undies, you might not like it when bleached and of course, you’d probably dispose of it.

Fabric Softener

When your fabric is made of cotton, it is soft already. Using a fabric softener on underwear that is soft already, will consequently make it too fragile. And any attempt to wash it will result in some horrific tearing. Don’t use a fabric softener even if it is not made of cotton.

Constant Ironing

Your undies should be void of constant Ironing. The heat, temperature, and pressure produced from the iron will melt on your underwear and it will make it worn out in terms of strength and worth. It won’t remain as strong and vibrant as before.


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