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Recent Skincare Innovations

Recent Skincare Innovations

Skin care and cosmetics have shown a lot of improvements and innovations in the last few years.

April 9th, 2019

Skin care and cosmetics have shown a lot of improvements and innovations in the last few years. Ingredients have been developed that treat skin damage and prevent it, fight wrinkles, heal skin problems, and mitigate scarring.

Carry on reading to find out if the skincare and cosmetics you are currently using contains these miracle ingredients.

Ingestible Beauty Supplements

Beauty and wellness have always been symbiotically linked. Now it is possible to inject more than just fruits and yogurt into your early morning smoothie. Every day people are waking up and adding ingestible beauty supplements to their breakfast blend.

The motto of the brands who advocate the daily ingestion of these supplements is that beauty starts on the inside. Reports have come in linking ingestible beauty supplementation use to thick, lustrous hair, stronger nails, and glowing skin. Abonus is an improved ability to fight off infections and increased vitality.

Plant Stem Cells

The regenerative and restorative powers of plant stem cell-based skin care products are founded upon years of meticulous scientific research. The higher the concentration of this ingredient there is in a moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream, the more it can resolve skin problems such as dehydration and sun damage.

Documented cases of tremendous improvements from short- and long-term use of products that contain high levels of plant stem cells can be read at Adore Cosmetics Reviews.


The probiotics added to yogurts and kombucha are one of the key ingredients for good digestive tract health. In 2019, the growing trend is for skincare products to contain prebiotics: ingredients to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria on the epidermal layers of the skin.

Prebiotics are a food source that preferentially feeds the good bacteria found on the skin. This is in direct opposition to the skincare trends of the past that focused on antibacterial face washes and creams. Prebiotic cosmetics are developed to protect the skin naturally by using its own defense mechanisms.

Antioxidants: The Next Generation

A critical ingredient to help fight off the harmful effects of environmental pollution is antioxidants. The next generation of development of this vital skincare component includes moringa seed extract and broccoli seed oils. You will be able to purchase products containing these ingredients on both sides of the price bracket spectrum.

Protecting your skin against the long term damage caused by pollution and stress will be easier now scientists have evolved next-level antioxidant effectiveness.

Bakuchiol (Bak –ah – heel)

This might sound like a character from a sci-fi movie, but bakuchiol is actually an anti-aging ingredient naturally found in some plants. It is a powerful antioxidant with Retinol-like properties. With long-term usage, products that contain bakuchiol will significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Other skincare issues this wonder ingredient is effective against are rough skin, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, and redness. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Now you know the latest skincare innovations you can discover another element to cosmetic beauty and wellness.

Using the right products for your skin is very important as it is your first line of defense against skin aging. To find out more, you can check out Luminositie for more skincare innovations that you do not want to miss.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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