Ricotta get through this: Pizza Pilgrims set to reopen this weekend

London stalwarts Pizza Pilgrims are back in business this weekend with an eight cheese pizza in tow. Yes, an eight cheese pizza. [...]

London stalwarts Pizza Pilgrims are back in business this weekend with an eight cheese pizza in tow. Yes, an eight cheese pizza. This is not a drill, people.

Pizza Pilgrims is thrilled to announce its reopening this weekend, on Saturday 4th July. The first location to fire up the ovens since lockdown will be West India Quay, where guests can pre-book tables for eating in, and be the first to try the pizza pioneers new eight cheese pizza featuring Ricotta, Fior di Latte, Provala, Gorgonzola, Stracciatella, Bufallo Mozzarella and two types of Parmesan, along with their fan favourites menu all served on its signature 48 hour proved base.

To ensure guests can eat-in with confidence, all Pizza Pilgrims locations will have reduced capacity dependent on the size of restaurant, along with increased table spacing, digital ordering and payment from your phone and card/contactless only payments. Guests are encouraged to pre-book tables, with a maximum of six people, and booking times will be staggered to reduce congestion. Walk ins will still be allowed of course – but names will be taken for every party.

West India Quay will be the first location to reopen, with Kingly Street and Dean Street following on 9th July followed by additional locations soon after.

Social distance precautions aplenty at Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims co-founder Thom Elliot said, “We’ve been living by the motto ‘ricotta get thru this’ during lockdown as a way to bring hope, resilience and confidence to this reopening moment. Now that time has finally come, we can’t wait to get the team back together and open the doors, knowing we’ve taken every measure to make our guests feel safe and confident while they eat with us – but also knowing we are still offering the same great pizza and relaxed vibe that we always have”.

During lockdown Pizza Pilgrims has been keeping people cooking at home with the Pizza in the Post kits, which sold out in 37 seconds when first released. These kits, along with click-and-collect, take-away and delivery pizzas are available to order via pizzapilgrims.co.uk and through its partner Deliveroo for those opting to continue isolating. If, like me, you’re looking forward to being knee deep in slow proved dough and cheesy goodness, get a pizza the action (sorry) at https://www.pizzapilgrims.co.uk/fryingpanpizza

Pizza Pilgrims, London

Guests will be able to pre-book tables through pizzapilgrims.co.uk

For a slice of pizza perfection, check out the official Pizza Pilgrims account over on Instagram @pizzapilgrims

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