Road Trip With a Teenage Brother

Teenage is the most difficult age for anyone, be it a boy or girl. And, handling teenagers could be a task you might not want to take up. What if you are planning a road trip with your teenage brother who has been away to the USA for studies and finally he is back and you plan a getaway together.

First of all, planning is contrary to teenagers as they do not want to stick to anything that’s been laid down for them or planned for them, so it is only imaginable what would come next.

So let’s get down to first thing which would be the destination, having a 10 years age gap doesn’t help as your preferences are poles apart, then used emotional blackmail on how you send him rakhi to USA while he was there and received nothing, you can imagine who won. So, after winning, the destination that was decided was the most beautiful and loved city i.e Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is a beautiful destination full of colours and culture. Road trips are the best because it gives you a chance to explore not only the destination but also various little spots that come in the way. It is not only a trip but also a little bonding session with your brother and maybe live life with a fresh and young perspective.

You can make a pact before the trip on how you will come to decisions as the age gap makes you poles apart. Thus it could be that you will take turns of every on each decision that needs to be taken and another one has to abide by that, it will not only make the trip interesting but will also eliminate unnecessary fights and delay that might cause.

Road trip with your brother can teach both a lot about life and you will learn to appreciate different viewpoints and both will be able to see the world with a new and improved vision. It can be very boring when everything is going according to you and thus can get very boring because you will do all the same stuff which is usually your taste. But, now you have a brother who is one year younger to you and is more fun, more exploring, let’s go easily, not organised and goes with the flow. This trip can make you go once carefree. 

Working in the private sector in a finance firm can make you a bit stuck up and boring which you even stop realising about yourself. This trip can make you realise how wrong you have been living your life and you need to let go and enjoy yourself while you are in holiday space. You need to learn to leave your serious selves back in your office desks while you plan a holiday.

Not only this, but such a road trip will also make your bond stronger because it is very important to spend quality time with your family in order to bridge the emotional gap. This trip will take you back to the amazing childhood memories you had, all the mischiefs you had planned, lies you told your parents, mistakes you made together.

It will not only be an adventurous trip but also an amazing bonding session and an amazing teacher who will teach you to live your life to the fullest.

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