Life is too precious to waste time on thinking, especially about trivial issues. The best way is to enjoy each moment to the fullest. For some, smoking allows them to explore themselves. For others, it doesn’t. If you are one of those who like smoking weed, then you must know the types of rolling papers available. This way, you will enhance the quality of the smoking experience.

Here, some of the points have been discussed. These will help you to choose the right papers for rolling a joint.

Odet Cascadet Bollor’e (OCB)

This is one of the oldest types of rolling papers available in the market since 1822. As of now, it has sold billions of smoking papers. If you are someone who is looking for an answer to the question of what kind of paper can you use to smoke weed, then OCB is a good option for you. However, one thing you may remember that these do take time in burning. The best thing about this is that these are Chlorine-free and come with a guarantee for quality.

Big Bambu

Another intriguing option of rolling papers for weed is Big Bambu. Since 1764 it has been in the business of producing this product, and even today, the quality is considered premium. These are manufactured with the help of acacia gum and are safe to roll due to the absence of additives. However, it is the cost that hurts you the most. These are costly but of high quality.


Rizla is one of the most common types of papers meant for smoking. However, the stacks are not many. This means you have to keep stocks of it. Otherwise, this is a good option and produces less amount of ashes. This is a popular brand, and you can avail of it online as well.

Aleda Clear

The most impressive feature of Aleda is its transparency. These rolling papers are quite tempting to smokers. However, it does produce heat, which has created problems for many. This is made from digestible materials and contains no gum. The best thing is that there are no traces of chlorine in it.


If you are seeking for natural taste of herbs, then RAW is a good option for you. As its name suggests, this type of rolling paper is unrefined and offers you an amazing experience. However, many times complaints have been raised against its glue. It doesn’t stick properly. Further, with this smoking paper, the joint burns evenly and has no chlorine elements as well.

Can you smoke weeds without Rolling Papers?

Many smokers find it difficult to roll papers properly. For them, there is good news. They can also smoke weed or hash without papers. You may use a pipe, bong, or glass to smoke weed. These are traditional ways but still practiced by many for better results.

Smoking marijuana becomes easier if you have high-quality rolling papers. This allows you to enjoy a puff of hash or weed effortlessly. However, there are some limitations to it. If you want to avoid it, then pipes and bongs are also a good way.


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