Room 7: a true example of how fashion changes, but style is timeless

Here at House of Coco, we know it can be hard to find your unique style. With so many of the biggest names pushing the latest trends to the masses, you can find yourself at a loss as to what to wear, what designer to select and even what suits you. This is why we really love when we find a store that not only keeps up with the London fashion houses, but also personalises every purchase.

We were excited to be invited to one of Leeds most renowned independent stores earlier this month, for a fashion showcase far more intimate than any LFW show. Our lifestyle writer Jenna Clarke lets us in to why Room 7 are standing the test of time and outshining the competition….

‘As somebody a little intimidated by designer brands at times, I was hesitant to visit such a well known high end store. However, as soon as we walked through the door my worries stayed outside. Firstly, it’s a beautiful shop with a real luxurious feel. The couture is displayed exactly like any fashion house, with bespoke garments hanging high on chrome rails. My guest and I were greeted with a glass of champagne and we got chatting to Samara Ullman, who is heading up the event and also is the proud owner of SUPR, a boutique PR & marketing company. As my background is PR, it was great to chat to somebody in the industry. I felt right at home!

Room 7After a few cheeky canapés (our favourite was the truffle oil scotch egg!) it was time to take our seats. We chose the second row as my stilettos definitely needed re-heeling and couldn’t keep up with the Louboutin clad front row! But considering this show housed only 20 guests, we still felt very exclusive. As the group quietened down and everybody gave their focus to the runway, we were introduced to Glen Campbell. Now Glen Campbell looked very familiar to us, and so he should of. He is an established London stylist and really knows his stuff when it comes to fashion. What we loved is that even though he has made it in the male modelling and stylist world, he still stays true to the business that was at the start of his career. Glen told us “I’ve been with the store since day one, I owned a shop just around the corner so i’ve known Carol from when she first opened the dress agency, before it was a fashion store. Great to see how the brand has progressed and how they don’t just stock the same things as everybody else, Carol and Charlotte have a very good eye”.

As soon as the show started, with a chilled out mix of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s GrooveJet, I was taken by the bold direction the curators of the show took. Expecting classic lines, we were greeted by a beautiful burnt orange tailored coat paired with strong Palazzo trousers. One of the main designers featured was Dolce & Gabbana, which not only shows the level of designer Room 7 stock, but also the loyalty to classic brands.

Many fashion shows tend to push the boundaries and go for punky hair styles and gender-fluid models, however Room 7 kept it tasteful and timeless with beautiful natural looking models who really capture their clientele. It seems Room 7 is all about traditional British style, with a modern edge, that keeps to its original concepts.

With the models strutting down in pieces from Victoria Beckham, J-Brand, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander Wang and also the great Rag & Bone, Glen Campbell gave his unique insight into women’s styling. It was great to see a personal touch in his comments, and also some humour. Nobody want’s to listen to a reel of brands and prices for every look, so it was good that that element was low-key.

When the show was over, and we had been shown everything from casual looks for the season all the way to transitional evening wear – it was time to catch up with the owner Charlotte. Charlotte is very passionate about her customers, as well as fashion and it really shines through when she talks about Room 7 and how far they’ve come. As somebody who has taken the reigns of a family institution, with her mother Carol taking a slight back seat, it was great to see that their friendly reputation rings true. Charlotte told us “Tonight was all about showing how we put outfits together, we’re not only a store but we give tailored styling advice. It has really shown what we’re all about”. She also added, “We’ve been here 34 years, and it really is because season after season, even if they only want one or two pieces, they know exactly what experience and advice themselves as customers can get from us”.

We left the show feeling really besotted with the store. The team at Room 7 really are like a family, and is a very rare gem in the high-end fashion scene of Leeds. It doesn’t feel pushy, it doesn’t feel uptight, it feels exciting. In our opinion, that’s always how shopping and fashion should be’


Photo credit: Room 7 Fashion Boutique, Leeds.

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