Rosie Olivia’s Top Tips For Picking A Hat

Whether you are a mother of the bride, off to the races or attending a Christening a hat can be the perfect accessory to pull an outfit together.

Hats can make an outfit, so milliner, Rosie Olivia is here to help you look your best this summer season and make a statement with a stylish hat.  Follow Rosie’s tips for a perfect hat every time!

PICK THE RIGHT SHAPE FOR YOUR FACE.  Different hat styles suit different people and with a variety of shapes it is important to select the right one. Large brim hats suit taller ladies, whilst smaller hats and pill box hats suit round faces. For ladies with a fringe, it is best to cover the hair line so the fringe does not get squashed.

Akko, £290,

EXPERIMENT WITH THE POSITION OF YOUR HAT. Not all hats belong in the centre of our heads, some look best further forward or angled above the eyebrow.   For a stylish look, I recommend placing hats at an angle to match the angle of a jaw line.

SELECT A HAT TO COMPLIMENT YOUR OUTFIT.  A hat can make the perfect finishing touch – choose a complimentary colour, a hat with feathers or beads that matches your chosen colour palette. Match the base colour of your hat to the outfit and use a trim in an alternative colour or vice versa.

Latina, £275,

EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR HAT ON IN FRONT OF A LONG MIRROR. This way you can see all your proportions and which shape best works with your height and size.

ACCESSORISE TO COMPLIMENT YOUR HAT.  It is best to select a subtle earing if your hat has lots of detail. Don’t overdo it! Pair with diamond studs or something simple, as a dangly earing may look over crowded.  When selecting makeup I recommend a strong eye and a good lippy!

Punik, £325,

INVEST IN A HAT BOX.  Ensure your hat stays in good condition by protecting it in tissue paper, with plenty of room around any detailing in a hat box.

A good hat feels very comfortable to wear, looks great on you and compliments your outfit, giving you the confidence to stand out from the crowd!

Leon, £450,

Rosie Olivia Spring/Summer 2015 collection prices start at £190.

Each hat is designed and hand sculpted by Rosie Olivia using only the finest materials, including luxurious silks and exquisite beaded fabrics. Materials are intricately combined with accessories such as brightly coloured feathers, flowers, lace, ribbon and veiling  completing this striking collection.

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