Rotunda Bar Series with Giacomo Gianniotti at Four Seasons Hotel

All the way from Barcelona’s beautiful Paradiso bar, Giacomo Gianniotti, flew in to showcase his marvellous and adventurous cocktails at the fabulous Four Seasons hotel as part of the Rotunda bar series.

Originally from Tuscan, Italy, Gianniotti and his family run an ice cream business which has inspired some of his creations today and led to the success of his 30 year career, including the title of Spain’s World-Class Bartender in 2014. He is currently the head bartender at Paradiso cocktail bar, a place full of unique, fun and tasty drinks. The award winning masterpiece, Mediterranean Treasure, is served in a small treasure box with an exotic smoke of rosemary and thyme with the finishing touch of a seashell.

Greeted by a friendly smile on his face the classic cocktail maker was in his element doing what he does best. In a beautiful Christmas setting joined by the sound of a pianist and singer, House of Coco enjoyed one off cocktails made by Giacomo Gianniotti himself. Beginning with a twist on the classic Negroni mixed with beetroot juice, passion fruit, and balsamic vinegar topped with mango ice cream. Completely different to anything ever tasted or seen before. The sweet ice cream mixed well with the strength of the alcohol and accompanied the cocktail fantastically. Gianniotti told us: “Decoration is important, it’s the first thing people see and if the decoration is rubbish the drink is already rubbish.” Followed by this was the Negroamoro Julep consisting of bourbon, coffee, cynar, bitter orange marmalade, mint leaves, amaretto and truffle icing sugar. With a hint of fruitiness followed by a hit of bitter coffee. As a bartender, Gianniotti, experiments with many different flavours but his personal favourite cocktail is a gin and tonic or martini. He likes to step away from the vibrancy and keep it simple.

Four Seasons hotel London at Ten Trinity Square are hosting the Ratunda bar series each week from 20th November until 9th December with three different bartenders from around the world. Including Cedric Mendoza from Manhattan and Chi-Ho Ta from Dr. Rotterdam. A chance to taste exotic and surprising never-seen-before cocktails.

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