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Running Gear You Should Invest in as a Beginner

Running Gear You Should Invest in as a Beginner

Running has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years and more people are joining the hype.

September 17th, 2020

Running has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years and more people are joining the hype. This could be due to how running molds well into our modern society. You don’t need to synchronize your running schedule with anyone and you can run almost anywhere.

It’s definitely the perfect activity for millennials who embrace freedom and wellness.

You don’t need a lot to start running. However, you should invest some of your hard-earned money in the appropriate running gear.

In this article, we’ll take a look at running gear beginners should invest in.

Running Shoes

This is where you would spend most of your money on. Prioritize comfort and functionality over design. A good pair of running shoes and their insoles should provide you enough support and cushioning while at the same time providing enough road feel.

So, how much money should you set aside?

On average, good shoes range between $120-$180. However, there is a selection of cheaper running shoes which we consider hidden gems in this market that do just as well.

The most important factor to look at when testing out a pair of shoes is arch support. Some people have no foot arch while some have high arches. The arch should contour according to your arch.

This allows for proper support so that you are running with the right gait, thus avoiding injury to your joints.

Running Top

You don’t have to look for an expensive top from a big brand. What’s important is the fabric. No one is going to stop you from running in your favorite cotton t-shirt, but this material is hard to dry. Sweat doesn’t evaporate quickly with cotton, causing friction between your skin and t-shirt. This is the perfect recipe for chafing.

It’s worth mentioning that cotton can hold A LOT of water, which can hinder your performance as you will feel heavier when you sweat.

While exploring clothes at the top activewear clothing manufacturersyou need to look for a top made of technical fabrics such as polyester, spandex, and nylon. . These fabrics wick sweat quickly and cool your body as you run. It’s common for tops made for sports to have lots of breathing holes (which Nike’s Dri-FIT line is famous for).

From my personal experience, fabrics made for activewear don’t shrink. This adds to their longevity as they can last for years to come.

Running Socks

Good running shoes and promotional socks go together. Most beginners don’t consider buying a good pair of running socks thinking their casual socks would do. If you’re really strapped cash, sure. But do look into buying a good pair of running socks along the way.

Running socks are great because just like running tops, they’re made of synthetic fabric that wick sweat quickly, thus preventing chafing and blisters. Super important if you’re prone to sweaty feet.

High-quality socks add grip to your feet. When you’re running, you don’t want your feet to slip around inside your shoes. This is annoying and can be dangerous. Also, with less movement, you’re less likely to develop blisters on your feet!



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