Safety Advice for Solo Female Travellers

Traveling alone can be life-changing, liberating, and scary all at the same time. You feel a sense of freedom and independence, but then there’s also a sense of danger. So how do you balance it for a successful solo trip as a female traveler?

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this post. 

Here, we’ve compiled some of the best advice for solo female travelers to help keep you safe as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Research your destination

There’s something to be said about spontaneity, for sure. But that’s definitely not the safest way to travel. When you don’t know where you’re going, you run the risk of getting lost and ending up in an undesirable part of town. You could also fall for common scams in the area or just end up spinning your wheels when you could be having fun. Here are a few things to research before you travel alone:

  • Any possible routes
  • Available public transportation
  • Common scams in the area
  • Overall safety and crime rate
  • Emergency numbers

Keep valuables locked up

When traveling by plane, you’ll need your ID and passport handy. But once you cross borders, you can travel with a copy of your ID and passport and keep the originals in a safe in your hotel room. Do the same with money and expensive jewelry. There’s no need to carry these things on the day to day. It’ll only make you a target. 

Blend in

No one wants to dull your shine, but when you’re traveling, it will be helpful to look as much like a local as possible. Tourists are always going to be targets for criminals, and you don’t want to stand out as a target. With that said, you can still express your individuality, but be sure to do it in a subtle way. The same goes for your personality. If you’re naturally loud and boisterous, you may benefit from toning it down a bit. Again, standing out isn’t always a good thing when you’re traveling alone. When you call attention to yourself, you may also be calling attention to the fact that you’re alone. And that’s never a good idea. 

Follow your intuition

If someone is giving you the heebeegeebees, get away from them right away. You can do your best to be polite, but don’t worry about hurting someone else’s feelings if your safety could be in jeopardy. Following your gut could keep you safe in many situations, whether it’s trusting another person or taking an impromptu stop during your itinerary. We’ve all heard stories of people who avoided a tragic situation because they trusted their gut. Your intuition will often tell you who to avoid and where to go. Don’t ever ignore it. 

There’s a whole world of possibility out there, and you should never let fear run your life. But still, it’s important to strike a balance. You can throw caution to the wind and take that solo trip, but be sure you’re taking at least the basic safety precautions.

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