Safety on a Budget: 6 Tips for Buying Used Car Tires

Purchasing new tires for a car or truck can be expensive. A smart option to help save money is to purchase used tires. [...]

Purchasing new tires for a car or truck can be expensive. A smart option to help save money is to purchase used tires. However, when buying used tires, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep reading for some helpful tips to get the highest-quality used tires possible.

1. Tread Depth

When looking at used tires over at Hamm’s Tires, the first thing to consider is the tread depth. It is a good idea to use a tire depth gauge, if possible, as this is going to provide an accurate reading of how much life the tire has. Experts recommend never purchasing a tire if it has less than 4/32nds of tread left.

2. Look at the Tire Age

It is also necessary to check the age of the tire. Even if the tire has a lot of tread, if they are older, it won’t be a smart buy. Older tires are going to crack and may eventually blow out. It is possible to check the tire’s age by looking at the side of the tire. This is an important consideration that should not be ignored.

3. Look for Any Defects or Patches

After determining the age and tread, look at the tires carefully for any signs of defects. Do not purchase tires if there are any signs of bubbles in the sidewalls. If this issue is present, it means the tire can blow at any moment and with no warning. The same is true for patches. This is a sign that the tire may not be able to hold air.

4. Know the UTQG Rating

The UTQG rating, or Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards, which is often called the Treadwear Rating, is something else to look at. Lower numbers mean a softer tire and it means that the tire is going to wear out faster. Race cars typically use tires with a UTQG of under 100. However, for the longest-lasting tires, it is best to find a rating between 450 and 600 UTQG. If there is a tire that has a rating of under 200, it means it will wear out quickly and have to be replaced soon.

5. Brand and Retail Price

Be sure to research the type of used tire being purchased. What is the original retail price for the tire? Do the tires get good reviews new? There are a lot of sites where it is possible to find information on new tires to find the best brands. It is even possible to find out how they hold up and to see if they should be purchased used.

6. Signs of Uneven Tread Wear

Is the tread worn unevenly on the tire? If the vehicle the tires were on did not have proper alignment, the inner edge may be worn and the outer edge could be fine. This is a bad thing. It also means that the used tires should not be purchased.

When it is time to purchase used tires, be sure to keep the information here in mind to find a set that is going to last. While it is possible to get a great deal on used tires, proceed with caution. There is no reason to purchase a set that will, in turn, have to be replaced soon.

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