Coco Business Inspiration : Samira Kamara

Samira is a #girlboss who, after getting married, saw a gap in the market and launched her business. Here, she talks to us at House of Coco about Whites Event Hire company, her plans for the future and so much more… 

Tell us a bit about you…
My name is Samira, I am a MBA graduate, a mum of two and a wife! I recently decided to launch Whites Event Hire and Sales along with my husband after planning our wedding proved far more expensive than we had anticipated.

How did you get in to the wedding and events industry and end up launching your brand?
Just under a year ago, I was a bride to be and I was planning my own wedding. Whilst doing so I quickly realised that there were huge gaps in the market. There were things that I had seen on the internet that I wanted for my wedding that were either far too highly priced or outside of my reach. So my husband and I put our business hats on and decided to buy the items instead. Not long after the wedding we decided to launch Whites Event Hire and Sales.

What makes Whites different from any of the other companies in the wedding and events industry?
At Whites we offer Bespoke goods and an affordable price. Having had firsthand experience and what it’s like to be a bride, and how expensive things can be, we have made sure we have kept all our prices as low as possible. We offer personalised goods such as champagne flutes and candles and well as luxury items such as 10ft x 10ft flower walls in any colour or design.

How would you describe your style?
Elegance meets contemporary. With Whites I try to not over do things and create and source items that ooze a ‘wow factor’. I believe no one should walk into any event without saying wow!

White Flower Wall

Where is your favourite place to visit on the planet?
My most favourite place in the planet by far has to be a summers day in London. Nothing beats a nice hot day after four solid weeks of rain and hearing everyone complain how hot it is! It’s my home town and always never fails to deliver.

What was the hardest challenge you faced since you launched the company?
Since launching Whites my hardest challenge so far has probably been the fall of the pound. The vast majority of our supplier aren’t UK based and the pound falling had put a slight strain on our purchases, as for us it is vital we keep our prices reasonable to attract a wide range.

Which city do you feel most at home in, London, Paris or New York?

Best thing about London to you?
Diversity! You can go from a quiet picnic Greenwich the park to a noisy street in Shoreditch in under an hour! London has so much to offer!

Most memorable piece of advice given to you?
“What now?” It’s something I always hear from my father and it’s something I that I always end up asking myself also. What now? What is going to happen next? How can I improve what I have done?

A Wine Glass Centrepiece

What inspires you?
My father. I have always been inspired by my father’s hard work and ‘what now?’ work ethic. Growing up a child I never really understood why he worked so much and didn’t want to play games with me. As an adult I have now adopted his attitude and put 100% into everything I do.

Tell us something that you are still learning…
I am still learning not to be too hard on myself. Once I get in my creative space I can stay there for days telling myself I need to do more, source more items, brainstorm more ideas, get more products on the website…the list is endless

Guilty pleasure?
A glass or bottle or barrel of Merlot

For any aspiring #Girlbosses, what advice would you offer them?
You can do anything you want to do. Don’t let anything discourage you. Not finances, children or even negative opinions. Write everything down and get the ball rolling. Most importantly don’t ever be afraid to fail, if you don’t ever fail you will never know what you did wrong and in turn you will never be able to modify your business model and get it right for next time!

What are your plans for Whites in the future?
In the next year or so you will definitely hear about Whites in Africa. We have had some enquiries and are eager to take Whites out to Sierra Leone and supply our goods to some events there.

A Diana Studded Collection

Did you always know that one day you would be a #Girlboss?
I think so, I’ve had many jobs and have always had a strong work ethic. But I’ve always been a dreamer and known deep down that would work for myself. One day I started to put my dreams to paper, not long after I put my dreams to reality and started to source the items. The rest is what you see now

Find out more…

Instagram: @whites_weddings_london

Facebook: Whites Events Ltd

Snapchat: whitesweddings

Twitter: @whites_weddings

We will also be at this Autumn National Wedding Show at Kensington Olympia on stand A160.

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