Save Thousands on Top Real Estate Agents by Using UpNest

Things and times have changed over the years, as technology has changed, so has the real estate as a market place. Traditionally, when a person was interested in selling a house, they would go around their locality looking for a real estate agent, call several friends who may have the contact of a real estate agent, to help them sell the house at a commission. The same applied to people interested in purchasing a house, look for a real estate agent within the locality who could have leads on where to buy their dream home.


UpNest changed all of that; no one has to look for real estate agents manually. Upnest provides a platform where agents can compete for both home sellers and buyers. Upnest provides a platform where the ratings of the agents are clear to the potential sellers and buyers. So in the modern world, in order to get a variety of agents to choose from, with options for real estate, the use of Upnest is necessary. Doing it the traditional way can be tiring and time-consuming.

Why Upnest?

Variety of Agents 

Upnest offers variety when it comes to agents. A buyer or a seller does not have to settle for an agent they are not sure about. Once the buyer or seller signs up to Upnest and enters all the information about what they are looking for, they can access the agent’s profiles within 24 hours who are within their localities. These are agents with different terms, some with excellent terms, some with not so great terms. So the person looking to buy or sell a house can interview several agents after going through their profiles and even looking at their ratings from previous clients.


Less time-consuming

Looking for a real estate agent should take less than 24 hours after signing up to Upnest. That means that the time to choose a great real estate agent will be short. The same applies to the time taken to find a house to buy or sell a house. Agents from Upnest already have a connection between the buyer and the seller, so the seller is able to find a buyer quite fast, and the buyer is able to find their dream homes fast enough, from the help from the agents from Upnest.  


There is no cost of signing up or even getting a referral to the right agent in the Upnest platform. In the case of the person selling a house, there might be an agreement about the commission that the agent might get after selling the home.

Is it necessary to get an agent from Upnest? 

It is legal for a person looking to sell a home, or a person looking to buy a house to do it by themselves. But there is so much information that goes into it, such that getting an agent will be reduced the work by half, and also reduce the cost. So it is necessary for a person looking for great deals when buying or selling a home to get an agent with specialized experience.

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