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Say Goodbye to Kitchen Mishaps: A Safe Grabs Overview

In your home the most accident you will face in your kitchen room. Why? Because of holding the hot cookware on an absent mind.

In your home the most accident you will face in your kitchen room. Why? Because of holding the hot cookware on an absent mind. Also, most of the time, people don’t use any napkin to take out the food or cookware from the oven.

But here is an amazing gadget that is wrapped up with a silicone coating outside the device. I am talking about safe grabs that are mostly used in the kitchen or for the microwave oven. If you look at the safe grabs review, you will see the benefits of using it. You can easily grab the cookware or any warm pot without burning your hand.

What is Safe Grab?

This is a gadget that mostly uses in the kitchen room or for the microwave oven. It is common to burn your hand while cooking. Because sometimes we grab the cookware to take out food from the oven or from the stove. We may use the napkin, but sometimes those napkins are unable to prevent temperature.

By using the safe grabs, you can hold up to 246˚C of temperature. And this is really great. If you want to use it on the oven, you can just put this grab beneath the cookware. And later you can easily take out the food by holding the cookware from inside. The best part is if there is any food or dust left on the grabber you can easily wash it. Without using any liquid soap or chemical you can remove or clean the grabs.

Why Safe Grabs is Essential for your Kitchen?

Spending time in the kitchen for cooking is so time-consuming. Especially when it comes to cooking food for a big family. So, people always prefer to save time and cook food as early as possible. And that is why you need a smart gadget, that will help you to cook food in an efficient way by reducing your stress. This safe grab not only uses to prevent burning your food but also easy to use and make sure your kitchen is neat and clean. This safe grab is such an innovative way to handle your kitchen smartly.

How do the Safe Grabs work?

As you know, safe grabs are the most innovative gadget for your kitchen. This can protect you from burning your hand. Also, you can avoid kitchen mishaps easily by using the safe grabs. Now, this part will show you how you can make it useful n your kitchen. See the below instruction-

  1. You can use the safe grabs inside the oven, and the gadget has the great resistant capability that it will not melt inside the oven.
  2. The grabs can easily washable and you don’t have to use the detergent or liquid soap or rub it to clean the dust on it.
  3. The safe grabs have a super grip system that provides great performance on handling.
  4. This grab device uses BPA so that your food is not mix up with chemical or create any mess on food.
  5. By using these safe grabs you can simply avoid accidents in the kitchen area or while warm your food in the oven.

Benefits of Using Safe Grabs

The safe grabs help you to prevent burning hands. But there are also some lucrative benefits that this grab provides.

Heat Resistant

Using safe grabs for your kitchen room is the smart thing you can apply. This gadget is used because of its great heat resistant capabilities. This grab can easily tolerate up to 246˚C of heat. This temperature is huge and enough for cooking any food. You can use it inside the oven and there will be no melting of this device. For this reason, this gadget is getting popular among the users.


Though this safe grab listed as a gadget in the kitchen area, you can easily wash this device. There is no problem to wash with this device. As you will use it in your kitchen area, it is a must that the grabs will be dirty. You don’t have to use any detergent or liquid soap. Just place the grabs under the water and your safe grabs are clean as new.

Strong Grip

Do you know, that the safe grabs are made of silicone layers? It means you will get a great coating on the grabs which made of silicone. And this is the reason you can use it safely even in the oven. There is no chance of melting the material. Also, the silicone provides an anti-slip surface to keep your cookware safe and sound.

BPA Free

BPA is basically a chemical that uses mostly in the industry for making plastic and resin products. As we mostly use the kitchen utensils that are made of plastic. The safe grab device that we are talking about, is completely BPA free. That is why there is no chance of having a reaction with the food with the chemical. Because of the silicone surface, we can use this device without any hesitation in our kitchen.

Multi- Purposes Use

The safe grabs not only use in the kitchen area for holding or grabbing the hot cookware or the pot. You can also use it to open the jar, like a microwave mat, tray, pot holder, etc. Also, this can be used as a splatter guard or to cover the food or box. So, you see you will get lots of benefits from this one device in your kitchen.


In the kitchen area, it is common to burn the hand or slipping of the pot or cookware from the hand. People may use the napkin, but those are not the ultimate solution or they are not satisfied at all. But the safe grabbers is one the innovative and smart gadget for your smart kitchen. Because of great heat resistant and safe material, this become one of the top priorities in the kitchen.

For your regular use, you can add this gadget without any hesitation. This safe grab makes sure your food is healthy and prevent slipping the cookware from your hand. At first, I thought that this is just like a normal napkin. But after realizing it, I feel the difference between the napkins and the grabbers.