This time of year, a combination of cold weather, central heating and lack of vitamin D can leave our skin dull and a bit lack lustre. My winter skin was desperately in need of a boost, so I booked into LondonCryo for their signature Cryofacial.

A Cryofacial uses cold temperatures to rejuvenate the face. The increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, improving the circulation and elasticity of the skin. Muscles retract with the cold and it has a tightening effect on the skin leaving your face looking fresher and younger. Jennifer Aniston is a big fan and credits her youthful glow at 50 down to regular treatments.

I have sensitive, breakout prone skin so I’m always cautious when it comes to trying something new, but I’d heard so many positive things about cryotherapy and its benefits, I wanted to give it a go. The Cryofacial is good for lots of skin complaints like acne and rosacea as the cold reduces the inflammation in the face.

Cryotheraphy is quickly working its way into wellbeing routines due to the mental and physical benefits it offers. LondonCryo is run by girl boss, Maria Ensabella. She is on a mission to highlight the positive impact of cryotherapy and how it can help you feel better and look better. The LondonCryo ethos is all around being your best self by proactively looking after your body and mind. The treatments they provide target sports recovery, overall wellness and anti-ageing skin treatments like the Cryofacial.

The treatment room has a spa like feel about it with low level lighting and aromatherapy scents. My therapist instantly puts me at ease by explaining what all the hi-tech equipment is and talking me through the process step by step, assuring me I won’t get frostbite. My facial is around 20 minutes and begins with cleansing and toning my skin before having a hydrating serum applied to my face. I brace myself for the cold as a metal wand with a flat, round tip is rubbed across the surface of my face, each stroke is followed with my therapist gently massaging the skin to aid lymphatic drainage. This wand cools down the skin rapidly to about minus 10 degrees and stays on each area of the skin for only a few seconds. It feels a bit like an ice cube gliding over your face, it’s not at all uncomfortable, in fact I found it quite relaxing. Halfway through the treatment the therapist passes me a mirror so I can compare the skin she has treated. The pores have minimised, my complexion is brighter and I look fresher. I can see a visible difference compared to the untreated skin. At the end of the facial another layer of serum is applied to my face and I’m all done. My therapist brings me a glass of water and turns up the lights so I can get a better look at the results. The redness from my rosacea has quietened down and my skin looks smoother, but the best bit is the results continue across the week. My make-up goes on better, a breakout I had pre-treatment fades and my other half tells me I’m glowing.

The cryotherapy facial definitely boosted my tired, winter skin and the fact it only takes 20 minutes and is non-evasive means it’s a great treatment if you’ve a big event or special occasion coming up. The Cryofacial costs £160, to book an appointment contact or 0203 371 8900.

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