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Scamp – Your Perfect Choice For Small Travel Trailers

Thousands of Scamp Camper owners have covered millions of miles with the Scamp 13′. Scamp is a manufacturer and dealer for small travel Trailers in Minnesota.

Thousands of Scamp Camper owners have covered millions of miles with the Scamp 13′. Scamp is a manufacturer and dealer for small travel Trailers in Minnesota. Scamp small travel trailers are lightweight, aerodynamic and durable. The hard shell, lightweight fiberglass travel trailer is durable, easy to tow and maneuver. Scamps are designed to be towed by SUVs, minivans, small cars and trucks. The unique aerodynamic design provides high fuel efficiency.

Perfect small campers –

The lightweight camp travel trailers can’t beat for a convenient, fun camping experience. You can call their experts to discuss whether their small, lightweight 13′ foot travel trailer is fit for you or their mid size 16′ towable camping trailer with side dinette would be right to fit the bill or if their largest fifth wheel travel trailers would be perfect.

Ordering – You have to go to their factory in Minnesota to pick up your new scamp, or they will personally deliver it to you. Their delivery truck can haul you camp anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping charges are computed on a cost basis. Compared to common carrier freight rates, savings to scamp customers are considerable.

Customers are the most important visitors on their premises, they are not dependent on the company, the company is dependent on them. They are not an interruption in the company’s work, they are the purpose of it. They are not an outsider in their business, they are a part of it. The company is not doing them a favour by serving them, the customers are doing a favour to the company by giving them an opportunity to serve them. Scamp makes sure that you get exceptional service and a price on the tailor you choose.

Luxurious Options – there is no need to rough it, scamp can custom outfit all scamp travel trailers with deluxe hardwood interiors in birch or oak. Air conditioning, furnaces, awnings and other options are available also.

Built To Order –

You can contact them and look around and give them a call to see how convenient and economical lightweight travel trailers can be. They deliver anywhere in the continental United States.

Variants –

● 13′ standard trailers

● 13′ Deluxe trailers

● 16′ standard trailers

● 16′ Deluxe trailers

● 19′ standard trailers

● 19′ Deluxe trailers

The scamp crew is extremely friendly and helpful. They show excellent build quality. Customers have a lovely experience of purchasing a scamp. The manufacturer is not fancy, but the manufacturing facility is spotless and the people are very accommodating. They definitely want satisfied customers leaving with their new camping trailers. This is a wonderful company which puts out a great affordable product and is recommended for everyone.

Scamp travel trailers are probably built and manufactured to order by a group of dedicated and loyal employees in Minnesota. As a genius USA travel trailer manufacturer not only scamps are made here, but their suppliers are from the USA. When you buy a scamp, you should know that they are quality manufactured by Americans who are proud to uphold the tradition of excellence.