Scout Willis Protests Against Instagram… Naked!

Scout Willis – daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – has protested against notoriously strict Instagram nudity policies by posting photos of herself walking around New York City topless. She has taken to using Twitter to voice her outrage, and where she posted the topless photos – apparently Twitter is still pro-nipple. She used captions such as “Legal in NYC but not on @instagram” and “What @instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple”. Willis has also been retweeting a whole host of tweets by someone with the username @freethenipple as well as – my personal favourite – changing her Twitter name to “Scout (Areola) Willis”.

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Scout’s protest follows on from Rihanna’s total boycott of Instagram after her images from the notorious shoot for Lui magazine were deleted from the singer’s Instagram account. Rihanna has since taken to exclusively using Twitter. Equally, Grace Coddington has also fallen into dispute with Instagram, after having her self-portrait sketch removed – again, due to nudity laws.

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The controversy lives on, and we think Instagram is being a bit Victorian about it all… a sketch? C’mon Instagram.

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