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Here at House Of Coco we love up and coming brands and products. We’ve found a great new all natural bath and body company by the name of Sean Balm. We were able to chat with the Ceo to get a little more info on his company and line of products.


After trying out different products for his own skin, Ceo and Founder Sean Chinn decided that it was time to start his on all natural line of bath and body products, from there Sean Balm was created. Being in business for about 6 months now , his products are selling extremely well and people are seeing great results. Mr. Chinn wanted people to use the same regiment that he was uses  on a daily basis to get that great that glow that he has. Ine of the major selling points is all of the amazing products are all natural which makes them more effective and better for your skin

“Alot of the creams and products on the market right  now are filled with chemicals that are really harmful to your skin, especially with our skin being  created to naturally balance itself out”

One of the newly launched products is the 4 step skincare system that will take you through each ones use and purpose to get your skin in order and have that summertime glow all year round.


1) Cleanser & Exfoliator: Deeply penetrates and purifies the pores while ridding dead skin, resulting in nicer, softer skin

2) Face Mask: Aids in moisturizing, restoring collagen, and repairing damaged skin cells

3) Toner: Removes any remaining impurities, shrinks the pores, and balances the skin’s pH levels

4) Face Balm: Deeply moisturizes and seals the skin for a warm, natural, beautiful glow


We’re calling it now, this young man and his amazing line of products will be known worldwide in no time at the rate he’s going. Make sure you guys check out

You can also keep up with Sean and the latest products on Instagram @SeanBalm


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