Seawings: A Luxurious View Above The Dubai Skyline

Seawings, Dubai, Burj Al Arab | ©Eulanda Shead

Here at House of Coco, we have a taste for unique, off the beaten path luxuries which raise our experience meters towards new heights. Taking a Cessna seaplane above one of the most iconic cities in the world definitely ticks the unique box! Our travel duo, Eulanda & Omo boarded such a plane for an adventure full of epic views, and jaw dropping wonder.

Everything about Dubai is intentional. This is a city that is deliberately designed to impress, inspire and indulge your senses. This constantly evolving city challenges you to reconsider everything you thought you knew about ambition, to stretch the boundaries of your own imagination and to evolve your thinking. Our thinking certainly evolved after seeing Dubai from a unique perspective, through a bird’s eye view with Seawings.

We originally planned to spend a few days in Dubai on a layover from Zanzibar and were keen to see as much of the city as we could. However, we soon learned that walking around Dubai is rather impractical due to the weather and the city layout. The Seawings Dubai Seaplane Tour provided the perfect method for achieving our objective. At the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, the take-off point for the tour, we were welcomed by the ground crew and given a short introduction to the tour, a safety briefing and a security check.

With our small group, we headed towards the jetty where we got our first glimpse of the Cessna 208 Caravan seaplane, a single-engine turboprop aircraft designed for short-haul flights. The plane which seats nine passengers has one seat next to the pilot, three rows of seats in the middle and a VIP sofa at the rear. We were grateful to be assigned to the VIP seats which offered extra leg room and an unobstructed view.

We could barely contain our excitement as our smiling pilot, a young American, explained the flight route and some additional safety measures. Soon the Cessna’s propellers roared into life and the waters of the Dubai Creek churned as she taxied for take-off, her nose pointing in salute towards the sky. The rays from the late afternoon sun reflected off the waters and although sunglasses seemed appropriate, it wasn’t long before they instinctively came off. Bright sunshine or not, we were not going to allow anything to obstruct our view.

Before the Seawings experience, we had only ever typically seen a city skyline from 30,000 feet during airport take-offs and landings. With the Cessna flying at approximately 1,500 feet, we were afforded a closer, more intimate look at the city skyline. A light dust haze filtered the sun’s rays which, combined with the reflection from over one thousand glass buildings, cast a soft golden hue over the city creating a magical and almost mysterious effect.

From the air, Dubai looks like one massive urban art project, combining colour and form with dazzling effect. Green grass from the city’s parks contrasts with the golden aridity of the surrounding desert while blues tones from artificial lakes contrasts with endless black asphalt and shiny high rise towers. This view makes you appreciate Dubai’s journey from desert to paradise.


The Burj Khalifa

Our tour began with a circular flight path around the ever visible Burj Khalifa, a building which has broken several world records, more recently being the host for the highest BASE Jump ever recorded. Although our plane didn’t get too close, for a brief moment, we felt special simply because we were momentarily higher than world’s tallest building!


The World Islands

With a quick turn over the gigantic Meydan Racecourse, the city skyline soon disappeared in the dust haze as we flew out towards the Persian Gulf and soon over The World Islands. It felt surreal to see this engineering wonder from such close proximity. We could almost make out the distinct shape of each island and with some imagination, the continents they represented. Apart from two inhabited islands, their stark emptiness made them look like a deserted planet from a science fiction movie. With Dubai’s ambition, we could only imagine what the same view would look like in five years.



The Burj Al Arab

The Cessna flew back towards land, banked right and flew parallel to the coastline for a few minutes, allowing us to take in the undulating form of the Burj Al Arab. Only the day before, we had enjoyed a session of sunset yoga on Al Qasr beach at the Madinat Jumeirah but could only admire the building from afar. Now, with a bird’s eye view, we could fully appreciate the unique design of the hotel. Built to portray a dhow with its sail full of wind, the Burj Al Arab gives a respectful nod to the UAE’s maritime past.

We soon broke from the straight flight path to head back out to sea again. Below us, the Dubai glitterati were enjoying their early evening water sports as we flew overhead. Speedboats created white streaks on the blue Gulf waters while dhows seemed like tiny white dots from our height. However, the temporary distraction they provided was soon forgotten as we approached the next and probably the most spectacular sight of the tour.


Seawings, Dubai | ©Eulanda Shead


The Palm Jumeirah

Circling the Palm Jumeirah from above is an experience that leaves the viewer spellbound by the Emiratis achievements. With the sun on our west, the Palm Jumeirah was bathed in glorious natural light. Like a mythical hydra-headed sea creature, its palms reached out in all directions with the Atlantis Hotel forming a jewel in its ringed crown.

Leaving The Palm behind, the Cessna flew over the perfect rings of the Jumeirah Islands, over the impressive interchange on Sheikh Zayed Road and then towards the ongoing Jebel Ali port extension construction project. Although deserted, we could clearly see that Dubai was already looking to break another construction record.

Our dream-like state was brought to an end with the bump of the Cessna against the waters of Jebel Ali where the tour ended. Our total flight time was 40 minutes.

At ground level, you can appreciate the scale of Dubai’s ambition. However, through a Seawings Dubai experience, that appreciation is multiplied several times over, not only leaving you in awe but leaving you wanting more.


Things to note when booking a Seawings Dubai Seaplane Tour

  • We booked the Dubai Creek to Jebel Ali Golf Resort tour. However, if you wish to avoid travelling back from Jebel Ali, we recommend you do the tour which starts and ends at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club.
  • By law, you will need to present your passport for the flight.
  • While it was not compulsory to purchase souvenirs, we felt strongly that we needed something which physically captured our experience. The beautiful captain’s log therefore seemed like a worthy keepsake.
  • We sat in the VIP premier seats in the back of the plane, which provide extra leg room, and are the only conjoined, sofa-style seats on the aircraft.
  • Bookings can be made directly with Seawings through their website:


Photos ©Eulanda Shead

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