With dual citizenship, you can easily enjoy freedom in working or living in two countries. This can be a wise strategy in expanding your horizons to invest. Presently, the government is strict towards regulations and impose more lawful conducts on the citizens. In this scenario, it is crucial to obtain dual citizenship, which is known as “insurance.”

If you’re owing second citizenship, then your freedom in the country gets expanded both economically as well as personally. If you want to internationalize your personal life, then you can get free from government control by multiplying your citizenship. If a person has obtained dual citizenship, then it means that he or she is the citizen of two different countries. Having a second passport can bring some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Certain benefits associated with dual citizenship

1. Privileged option: In each country, one can avail certain privileges by obtaining a second citizenship. For instance, he or she can access to two different social systems followed in the born and residence country. It is convenient to operate in any country with its citizenship and cast your vote in any country. People who have access to second citizenship can work in both countries freely without any special permission or visa and you can get Caribbean citizenship by investment through him. Moreover, they can even avail education at schools or universities in either of the countries without paying any extra fees just at normal citizen charges.

2. More than one passport: If you’re having dual citizenship, then you’re easily given the permit to get two passports from both the born as well as residence country. For instance, if you’re a citizen of New Zealand and the US, then you have the freedom to travel between these countries without any legal permit. With a passport as a citizen, it eliminates the requirement for visas (especially for long-term) and any question or checks on your purpose of visit. Moreover, you get the right to enter in either of the countries to visit, study, work, or travel purposes. For this reason, obtaining a Second Passport is becoming an increasingly popular option with businessmen, as it enables them to freely travel between numerous countries and conduct business with far less restrictions compared to someone who is not a holder.

3. Ownership benefits: A major advantage associated with dual citizenship is the right to be the owner of any property in both of the countries. Many times, countries have the rule to provide ownership rights only to country citizens. When you get citizenship for two countries, then you have the right to purchase or invest in any property in both countries.

Certain limitations associated with dual citizenship

1. Obligations from both the countries: When you avail dual citizenship, you need to follow the rules of both the countries. If you fail to abide by the lawful conducts in either country, then you’ll fall in a situation to lose your citizenship. So, it becomes a tough job to abide by the lawful conduct of both countries.

2. The imposition of double taxes: You need to face double taxes imposed in both countries. If you’re having any earnings, then you’ll be imposed taxes on it also from both the countries. It becomes a complicated task to face dual tax laws.

3. Complex procedure: Most often, dual citizenship applies automatically. Suppose, when a foreign mother gives birth to a child in the US. In the naturalization process, it can take several years to avail the dual citizenship.


Availing the dual passports can be a tough job. Though, it comes with several benefits to enjoy freedom in both countries. Also, if there exist some advantages, then limitations also come along with it.


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