Secret Emporium. Shhh… Pass It On!

Secret Emporium is as glorious as its name would suggest. It epitomises festival culture with its circus, Vaudeville and Steam Punk evoking title. You’re given the image of a bespectacled, bearded, tall hat wearing dandy inviting you creepily into a secret world full of the finest items.

Rather than the lithe figure of a stalking steam punk behind the scenes, Secret Emporium was created by Lucy Peacock and Tess Acheson out of a love of costume culture and independent, original fashion.

When the two were challenged by The Secret Garden Party to deliver something that would ‘shake up retail at the festival’ they delivered something more creative, ‘London’, colourful and playful.

se clothes

They feature designers early in their careers. That way the items that they show are fresh, raw and exciting. All caught and made at a stage of creativity that has a no holds barred approach.

With this, they also believe that we should have access to independent designers straight off the street and away from the High Street.

se jewel

After shaking up the festival scene they grew to hosting London pop ups and began to collaborate with the designers more to curate events that were moulded to them and their audience.

So as well as the pop ups and creative workshops for young designers, Secret Emporium will be at our favourite festivals this year.

Their annual tour allows up to 40 designers to get in front of over 300,000 potential customers. And for us, the customers, it’s a play pen of festival creativeness. There’s music, dress up and of course some of the most beautiful items direct from designers fresh out of their hearts.

Buy online at or find them at a festival next year… or both. Do both, they’d love to see you!


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