For all fellow vodka drinkers out there, currently the only thing on everyone’s lips is gin, so you’re going to have to see what all that hype is about because gin is definitely bossing the world right now.

Now that’s off our chest let’s tell you about one of our #TeamCoco faves, BULLGOG London Dry Gin, in all its splendour. This sturdy black bottle with traditional bulldog collar wrapped around the neck of the bottle is truly British in style and design. It looks slightly mean with the shape and stature of the bottle, and it absolutely shouts in a loud voice that it is ‘sexy as hell’.

BULLDOG Gin goes through a refined distilling process where it is infused with 12 botanicals inside a copper pot still, then the resulting vapour passes through a condenser to produce an essence. This essence is compounded with a neutral spirit, which breaks the liquid down with added demineralised water required for bottling. Once the gin reaches the correct flavour and aromatic standards it will be bottled.

Put simply, we love this gin. It’s got attitude, it’s a sexy gin, and when muddled with the right mixers it becomes perfection.

The 12 botanicals included are lemon, almond, lavender, coriander, angelica, juniper, white poppy, oris, dragon eye, cassia, lotus leaves, and liquorice.

BULLDOG Gin is priced at £22 for 70cl (40% vol). Available from most UK supermarkets, and high street gin stores.

To make a BULLDOG Supersonic GIN & Tonic you will need; 50ml BULLDOG Gin, 100ml Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water, 10ml Cassis, and a few fresh blackberries and sprig of mint.

Drink responsibly, be drink aware.


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