With the UK going vega-ga over Veganuary this year and veganism topping every food trend list of 2018, #TeamCoco has her ears pricked for the best vegan openings of the year. And boy, is there a special place about to open in the capital soon. We sent our very own vegan on the team, Rachael Lindsay, to try every dish in The Vurger Co’s test kitchen so that you know exactly what to expect ahead of this 100% vegan burger bar’s opening on the 24 March…

So I tried Veganuary, and it seems like I am still vegan…I astonish myself as I write this as I always said I could never do it, said I was too addicted to cheese, said that veganism was for crazies and health freaks. But then I tried it, couldn’t get over the health, environmental and ethical benefits, and here I am.

But one of the things I have found the most challenging in becoming vegan is eating out. I am a self-confessed foodie and love trying new dishes in restaurants. So it has been a big change for me to have my menu options limited. Sure, quite a few places now have vegan plates on the menu, but to have a whole menu to enjoy, that is reserved for meat-eaters.

But to my delight, there are veggie-only joints popping up all over London now, thanks to a greater understanding and appreciation of the vegan diet. One of those new openings is The Vurger Co, which is due to open later this month in Richmix Square, Brick Lane.

The Vurger Co has been a stalwart of festivals and pop-ups for a few years now, so it has plenty of fans counting down the days until the opening of their new vegan restaurant on 24 March 2018. And omnivores, don’t panic, over half of The Vurger Co’s loyal customers are non-vegan. There will be shakes, coffee, beer and wine on the menu as well as some seriously, seriously good vegan burgers.

I was lucky enough to try every single burger which will be on that menu. Each one is very different, proving how diverse vegan food can be, and each one is, I promise, ludicrously tasty.

My personal favourite is the Classic which is the vegan take on a classic cheeseburger and is filled with smoky black beans, chargrilled red peppers and drips with melty vegan cheese, some of the best vegan cheese I have ever had. I am also a huge fan of the MLT, mixing borlotti beans and mushrooms with a generous dollop of rocket, sundried tomato and walnut pesto.

The Vurger Co’s traditional bestseller is the Auberger; a smoky aubergine and chickpea patty loaded with tabasco chipotle source and red onion. And for those who like spice, the Holy Habanero is the best choice with its sweetcorn fritter, crunchy spiced almonds, homemade salsa and chilli mayo.

I took my non-vegan partner to try out the vurgers too. Having taken a trip to Burger King the day before and being a self-confessed meat burger lover, even he had to admit that these burgers were pretty damn good.

The owners of The Vurger Co are a lovely, down-to-earth couple who discovered how easy it is to be vegan on a trip to California, and decided to leave their careers in fashion buying and banking to pursue their vegan burger dream. Their enthusiasm for the food they create is infectious, and their determination to make people think of more than portobello mushrooms when vegan burgers are mentioned is something I seriously respect. And rather than feeling threatened by all of the other new vegan places opening their doors in London, they are happy to add something new into the burgeoning vegan scene in the capital.

So go along yourself and see if you love these burgers as much as I do.If you call in, tweet us which vurger is your favourite and how they compare to your favourite meat version at @house_of_coco. We can’t wait to hear what you think! For all our lovely vegan readers out there, check out our other vegan features for mouthwatering desserts, and some of the best vegan eats in Leeds: https://www.houseofcoco.net/the-best-vegan-desserts-to-get-you-through-veganuary/

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