Ever thought about experiencing a holistic therapy in order to help restore your energy balance?

In these testing times we are all looking to rebalance our health, mind, and body. By booking a Shamanic Healing appointment with a specialist practitioner it may be exactly what your body is crying out for.

Orchard Barn Health is an integrative health and wellbeing centre, located in the rural village of Stallingborough in North East Lincolnshire. The vision of two sisters, Dr Sally Moorcroft and Helen Quirke, Orchard Barn was created within a converted barn on their family farm. The centre now attracts clientele from across the country.

Dr Sally is Clinical Director of the practice, and her sister Helen, is Co-Director and Business Manager. They are supported by a team of natural health therapists including Emma Bailey, who is qualified in the field of shamanism.

Shamanism can help to remove deep-rooted traumas that can affect the body on a physical and emotional level. This treatment is especially suitable for those in need of rebalancing wellbeing.

The Healing Treatment

Shamanic Healing involves cleansing the aura with white sage or palo santo, ‘holy wood’. Emma will talk over the issue that you are bringing to heal. An issue may be something such as grief, anxiety, heartache, loss of direction, or to re-energise the body’s spirit.

Emma Bailey of Orchard Barn Health

Shamanism connects with the natural world. It brings healing from nature, including the earth, seasons and even spirit animals like deer or birds of prey.

During the healing, Emma will rebalance the energetic body, to help find equilibrium and peace. The energies continue to work for at least 28 days afterwards, and Emma will advise on after care for the settling process. You may find that one session is enough, or you may want to return when you feel the time is needed.

Emma is highly trained in her practise and her trainer has worked directly with Shamans in Peru. Emma therefore has a strong lineage to support her healing gifts.

Dr Sally Moorcroft

Dr Sally Moorcroft has twenty years clinical experience as a hospital doctor and then training in functional and integrative medicine. She is passionate about combining this allopathic medical training and clinical experience with a mind-body holistic approach, as a functional and integrative medical practitioner.

Dr Sally’s specialisms include women’s health, gut health and cancer support. She helps to heal patients with a combination of techniques, including nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and bioidentical hormones.

So, why not book a consultation with Dr Sally, or book a healing treatment such as shamanism with Emma Bailey. Each shamanic session lasts a minimum of 90 minuntes, and is priced at £65. To find out more about shamanic healing or other treatments at Orchard Barn Health visit orchardbarnhealth.com


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