Lara Heems a name on everyone’s lips – every celebrity is wearing her splendid jewels on the red carpet and off – we wanted to know more! Welcome Lara to the House of Coco couch…

Who are your fashion inspirations?

My Inspirations derive from the runway – it inspires me the most and from that I decide what jewels would work the most.

What’s your go to key piece of clothing?

jeans and a comfy top but styled with some jewels of course!

How important is it to you that we influence and inspire the youth of today ?

It is incredibly important what we are exposed to today it can make a huge impact on our life later.

And what do you do to achieve that

be good , pay attention to detail

What has been your perfect holiday so far?

ummm anything relaxing ! it has to include the beach! That’s my kind of holiday

What are your handbag essentials when abroad?

wipes for your face , water , tooth brush and cream !!!

Ideal holiday destination

Maldives! it is so high on my list!

How do you detox from social media?

I set myself a goal to try not look at my phone at certain times!

When you were a little girl – what did you want to be?

A jeweller! and that’s exactly what I did.

Working from home or working in a coffee shop?

Working from home for sure – my mind is too busy to be in a coffee shop!

Tell us about a hidden gem where you live!

There is this amazing sushi restaurant near me .. i could go there everyday!

What are your favourite pieces of jewellery in your current collection ?

Difficult cos I love them all! but it would my Bella drops and necklace and my captivating hoops.

Tell us about time someone wore your jewellery and you genuinely felt blessed?

There are so many but I would say Helen Mirren , Mariah Carey and Tayla Parax who recently wore my jewels for the Grammys

How do you balance your busy work life and make sure you get downtime

It is so hard ! I am still trying to figure this one out! hopefully I will get this one right soon! and get back to you!

Where do you escape to that’s local?

I would say Kings Road in Chelsea it is cute and its nice to walk around there or Hampstead , there is an amazing place there for the most lovely pancakes!


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