Whether you love renovating your home or always put it off for as long as possible, there are some things you just can’t ignore. There could be many things that make you wonder whether your bathroom needs renovating, such as an offhand comment from a family member or a recent visit to a friend’s new home. However, these may not be enough to persuade you to pull out your tin of paint and get to work.

Nobody wants to make non-essential renovations to their home, so if you’ve been on the fence for a while, that’s completely understandable. This list of factors will help you make up your mind and take the plunge if it’s needed.

You’ve been thinking about renovating a lot

One of the biggest signs that your bathroom needs a makeover is the amount of time you spend thinking about it. You may have even considered hiring a Swansea bathroom designer to help you kickstart the process, or even consulted with a plumber about some drainage issues you’ve been having. If bathroom renovations are on your mind, try to narrow down exactly why by making a list. This will help you to understand the type of makeover your bathroom needs and how soon.

Areas of damage and disrepair

Is your shower door cracked? Or maybe some of your floor tiles are crumbling or chipped? If the damage in your bathroom is widespread, then it’s important to schedule a makeover as soon as possible. Small signs of damage can quickly grow and may result in areas of your bathroom becoming difficult to use. For example, cracks can result in broken glass and leaks, while tiles with sharp edges may lead to accidents.

Outdated design

While this isn’t the most serious issue, an outdated bathroom can put a real dampener on your mood, especially if the rest of your house is stylish and on-trend. There’s no point in transforming your bathroom if it’s only a few years old, but if it’s looked the same for decades, chances are you’re overdue a revamp. Before updating your outdated bathroom, make sure you familiarise yourself with new styles to make sure you’re making the best changes possible.

Lack of storage

Storage can be an easy fix, as there are lots of DIY storage solution tutorials online that you can use to make your bathroom more functional. But a lack of storage is a huge problem, as your bathroom will appear cluttered and messy as a result. Whether you decide to use drawers, cabinets or a shelving unit to organise your things, make sure you’re getting rid of old toiletries that you don’t use in the process.

It no longer meets your needs

There are a few reasons why a bathroom may no longer meet your needs and all of them are signs that it needs a makeover. If your family has grown, you may need an extra sink or to convert your large bathroom into a toilet and separate shower room to reduce queuing in the morning. Your bathroom may also no longer suit your needs due to accessibility issues. If a member of your family now has a physical disability, you may benefit from installing a new bath rather than a shower.


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