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House of Coco’s Caribbean Reporter Kered Clement experiences the Grand Opening of Silversands Grenada, home to the longest infinity pool in the Caribbean. [...]

House of Coco’s Caribbean Reporter Kered Clement experiences the Grand Opening of Silversands Grenada, home to the longest infinity pool in the Caribbean. Photography by Terel Moore. 

Topping the list in categories of World’s Best Beaches is Grand Anse Beach, located on the southwest coast of Grenada. The stunning two-mile stretch of white sand submerged by mesmerising azure waters now boasts a 100-meter infinity pool – the longest in the Caribbean – all thanks to Silversands Grenada, the most significant undertaking of its kind in 25 years and best defined as ‘the game-changer’. The highly anticipated opening of Silversands, a contemporary-luxury and technologically-savvy resort, breathes fresh air into Grenada’s current offering without compromising on genuine Grenadian hospitality.

It’s the Grand Opening Day, a cool 30 days’ shy of the original date, sending the Richter scale of excitement and anticipation off the charts. The anticipation was primarily due to a build-up over five years from the first announcement that Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris would invest millions in Grenada’s tourism and hospitality industry.

My pace is deliberately slower than usual as I approach the foyer. I want to take it all in, the prominence of the original artwork from the resort owner’s collection at the entrance, the row of enthusiastic front desk reps and the perfection of the minimalist architecture and interiors designed by Paris- based architects Stéphanie Ledoux and Reda Amalou of AW2. What strikes me the most is the front desk team who desire to cater to my every want and need, which led to this extensive hotel project. Owner, Mr Naguib Sawiris has repeatedly expressed that it was not only the beauty of the island but its people that made him fall in love with Grenada. There is an unmatched level of hospitality that runs through the DNA of Grenadians, and it is amplified in every aspect of the Silversands experience. From room service to housekeeping and dining, the newly-trained team along with seasoned hospitality professionals all had a genuine desire to ensure I remained in a state of constant bliss.

When the larger than life doors were opened to one of five beachfront villas, I was blown away by the sheer size of the living and dining area. Ideal for large families or groups, the Asian-inspired layout, with four master bedrooms connected to the main living space, offer each couple ultimate privacy. The word ‘butler’ is shunned for the preferred term ‘villa manager’, who assigns a crew of personal assistants on hand to arrange anything you need from A to Z.

For the fashionistas looking for pieces that suit the sleek aesthetic of the resort, there is the on-site boutique Chilli. For the rum and cigar aficionados, the Puro lounge will persuade you with its curated selection of rare rums. You can choose from a selection sourced from the best Caribbean distilleries along with homegrown Grenadian brands and cigars from around the globe. For those yearning for something to enhance a coma-inducing massage, The Silversands Spa, complete with a temperature-controlled pool, sauna, hammam, ice room, experience shower, high-tech fitness centre and poolside cabanas, will be sure to give you a holistic wellness experience that’s not available anywhere else on the island. My 60-minute Inner Calm massage was sensational, but it was more so the gentle and nurturing nature of my masseuse, the uncluttered cool palette of the therapy room and state-of-the-art spa equipment that contributed to an unmatched experience that exceeded my expectations. Even if the extensive collection of massages, skincare and grooming treatments don’t peak your interest, the Instagrammable setting with uber-cool hanging light fixtures certainly will.

I was lucky enough to steal some time with French-Italian Executive Chef Jean-Louis Brocardi who emphasised his mission to leave a long-lasting impression on every Silversands guest whether they dine on the beachfront at The Grenadian Grill or opt for an Asian-fusion cuisine at the remarkable Asiatique.

A steak at The Grenadian Grill is not just steak, but instead, meat with a story reared with love and cooked to perfection. Growing up in a family where food has always been an essential part of his life, Chef Brocardi shared his mission to reflect excellence by sourcing the highest quality ingredients, which led to an investment in GRENROP (Grenada Network of Rural Women Producers) which provides farming jobs to mothers in Grenada and boast a membership of 120 farmers and agro-processors. This agri-tourism synergy gives guests a heightened farm to table dining experience and Silversands easy access to greater food diversity. Leading to a reduction in the resorts carbon-footprint while providing much-needed employment for a determined group of women. Chef Brocardi spoke passionately about how this allegiance has created a steady livelihood for female farmers in Grenada. And will guarantee that the hard work each woman puts into growing their crop will reap direct financial benefits. I was compelled to place another order of my GRENROP salad bowl knowing it will directly support the economic stability of a Grenadian woman.

I later learned that as a network GRENROP were better-positioned island-wide to meet the demands of high-end luxury hotels and have since introduced a wide variety of non-traditional crops in Grenada to expand their operations and will be bringing in greenhouses this year to offer more. Now those are some boss woman movements! 

This 2-minute video effortlessly sums up my luxurious and relaxing experience at Silversands Grenada.

Silversands Grenada. Grand Anse, St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies. US Toll Free: +1 833-594-3230 UK Toll Free: +44 0 800-260-5608. www.silversandsgrenada.com

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