A wedding is one of our most treasured occasions. We take a vow to be with our significant other forever. Although it is a glorious event, it can also be very stressful for the bride and groom. And too often those involved in the wedding lose their focus and become stressed out, causing them to not enjoy the big day.

With so much on the line, and everyone wanting things to go perfectly, it is important to remember that nothing is perfect so striving for perfection only creates stress. The focus should instead be on having a good time making great memories.

Here are a few important things to do and think about that will make your wedding easier and even more memorable.

Get the Families Together before the Wedding

The wedding dinner is the official time to bring the families together and introduce The moms, the dads, and all of the uncles, aunts and cousins to each other, But a wedding dinner is still a formal event and it formal events people don’t feel relaxed enough to let their true selves come out. A better idea is to get the families together several times at informal events so that they can get to know each other better.

Consider setting up a lunch at a family member’s home that is very casual and loose. Do not set up any special agendas or goals, only that people get to spend some time with each other. What invariably happens is that those with similar personalities begin to gravitate to each other and relationships begin to be formed. By the time the wedding dinner comes along, everyone is already comfortable and the dinner is just another event with friends and family getting together.

By the time the wedding comes, they will all be family, and much more engaged in the wedding.

Set Up a Photobooth at Your Reception

One thing that everyone says about weddings is that there are never enough pictures. Although it’s true that cell phones have made picture taking much easier, handing those pictures to anyone who might want a copy gets complicated. One solution is to use photo booth hire services from Snappy Photobooths and set up your own photo booth at your wedding reception.

You can make sure that it is stocked to provide as many pictures as you like for your guests. People can then take spur-of-the-moment pictures with everyone who attends. it will be great fun and create memories that last a lifetime.

Make Sure Everyone Has Fun

More often than not, a wedding is really an event for everyone involved including the bride and groom. Yes it is their special day, but the entire group is there to have fun on this joyous occasion. For this reason, the married couples should also make sure that those attending have a great time. A few rate ways to ensure that people enjoy themselves is to have some great music playing, to keep the alcohol flowing, and to make sure that you invite some people who really like to party. You might have to pull things back a bit if they get out of control, but the most part people understand that it’s a wedding and they set good limits for themselves. Making your wedding fun for your guests, will also make it more memorable.

These are only a few tips for you to use to make your wedding more memorable and fun for all involved.


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