Simple Upgrades to Make a Home Look More Modern and Stylish

There is no limit to the improvements you can make to a home if your budget is unlimited, but for most people, this isn’t the case. [...]

There is no limit to the improvements you can make to a home if your budget is unlimited, but for most people, this isn’t the case. Luckily, you don’t need to be Jeff Bezos to have a stylish and modern home. With a few simple upgrades, you’ll home will soon be looking Instagram-perfect. 

Recessed LED Lights

Lighting makes a huge difference to a home, yet many people overlook this aspect. Are you stuck with single pendant light fixtures in living rooms and bedrooms? These are common, especially in older properties, yet they can be incredibly dated. 

While a statement light can make a big impression in a living room or bedroom, recessed LED lights offer a softer, more uniform light coverage, which eliminates harsh shadows. You can add table lamps for decorative effect, directional lighting to highlight artwork, and reading lamps for cosy corners. 

LED lights are also better for your budget and energy efficiency. 

Modern Radiators

Most UK homes have a central heating boiler and radiator system. While this works just fine, old radiators can drag the décor down and make a room look less than perfect. Consider swapping your old, rusty radiators out for modern designer radiators. These look far more stylish and come in different colours to match the décor. Modern bathroom radiators are great at heating the smallest room in the house while looking very luxurious. 

Wooden Flooring

Carpet is still the preferred option in a bedroom because it is warm underfoot, but in living areas, upgrade to wooden flooring for a more modern vibe. Depending on your budget, you can choose from solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and laminate flooring. Modern laminate comes in a huge range of designs and is hard-wearing and economical. Solid wood flooring is more expensive, but it does offer a taste of luxury. Do bear in mind, however, that for best results, all skirting boards will need to be replaced when the flooring is fitted. 

Neutral Décor

Cast an eye over your current décor – what era does it best represent? The 80s? or perhaps the 70s? If your décor has seen better days, it is time to remove all that patterned wallpaper and say goodbye to the red feature wall or blue skirting boards. 

Buy paint in muted shades, such as a warm grey or a pale blue. Aim for a calm, quiet colour scheme. It is okay to have one feature wall, but it shouldn’t dominate the entire room. If you can’t live without a splash of colour, add a few bright cushions or a soft throw. 

Skirting boards and architraves are best left white or replaced with stripped pine for a Scandi feel.

Go Minimalist

It’s time to declutter! Remove all your knick-knacks accumulated from summer holidays and ill-thought-out splurges on Amazon. Less is more in a modern home, so now is a good time to bag up all those hideous vases and novels you will never, ever read again. Deliver them to the nearest charity shop and make someone else’s life better. 

None of the above improvements will break the bank but they will give you maximum bang for your buck.

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