Many people want to find ways to do their bit for the environment. It can be particularly pleasing to find “green projects” that teach children to be more conscious of their role in protecting our planet too. For that reason, coastal clean-ups and sustainable community farms or gardens are becoming increasingly common.

However, if you live in a large town or city, being eco-friendly presents a bit more of a challenge.

Here are five inexpensive and easy ways to help nature, that are also fun things to do as a family.

Garden Art From “Rubbish

Even if you only have a small backyard or garden at your home, it’s possible to create added interest and promote recycling by doing creative art projects. Using everything from old suitcases, wellies and pans, you could paint and fill funky planters. Or, you could hang old cutlery and other small items from chains, for a homemade wind chime.

Bringing In The Birds

One of the best urban conservation projects for family fun is the simple joy of feeding birds. After all, humankind has taken away much of the countryside that was home to feathered creatures, seriously depleting their numbers. Doing your bit to protect and nurture birds can bring a sense of balance. It’s why in the USA, it is estimated that around 45 million people feed birds for both conservation reasons and their own enjoyment.

Leave out nutritious food such as sunflowerseeds and you could be saving lives in the winter months.

Make A Mini Garden

Teaching children about how things grow can be exciting as well as educational, and makes them more aware of their environmental “footprint”.

It’s not possible for all urban homes to have a vegetable plot. However, you could make a tiny mini garden on an old tea tray or even a tin lid, or grow things in planters or window boxes.

Think Butterflies And Bees!

If you do have a flower bed or planters available in your urban garden, then you have a golden opportunity for another eco-project to protect wildlife. Simply research and then plant the sort of things that help attract and sustain insects, especially butterflies and bees.

Compost Your Household Food Scraps

Compost bins or piles don’t have to be big or complicated to look after. In an urban garden, you could use compact composting boxes or well-contained trenches for example. Very quickly you could have mulch to help grow some fabulous plants in.


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