Simple Ways to Save More and Spend Less

Saving more money seems to be one of those things that’s on the agenda of people worldwide.  This could be because money seems to be the currency that gives you access to the many pleasures of life. Whether you want to travel, buy a house, or retire early, money makes many of these things possible. However, sometimes all you need to do to have that extra money you’re looking for is reduce your expenses and develop better saving habits. For those who are interested in doing just that, find simple ways to save more and spend less below. 

Evaluate Your Spending Habits 

Before you can make any long-lasting changes when it comes to spending, you’ve got to figure out where all of your money is going. Evaluate your spending by looking at your bank statement for the last three months and highlighting areas where you seem to be overspending. You can then write down action goals which outline how you can reduce that spending and practical everyday steps you will need to take. 

Reduce Household Bills 

One common expense that can easily zap money is household bills. Everyone who is fully or partially responsible for the management of a home can attest that utilities aren’t the cheapest thing to manage. With that being said, here are a few ways that such expenses can be reduced: 


In a household, energy alone can cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year. To reduce this bill, think about getting smart lights or thermostats as a way of regulating your energy consumption. Another idea would be to install home solar systems so that you can produce and consume your own energy. You can learn more about this as well as tax incentives and rebates on Going Solar. 


Another department of your home that you may want to cut back on is entertainment. In a world where everyone is busy with work and other activities you often find you’re paying for services, you aren’t using. See if you can cut back on subscriptions or eliminate them altogether. Saving money on entertainment may also mean finding low-cost activities like watching movies online or learning a new instrument to keep you engaged. 


The more items and appliances you have at home, the more you’re going to spend when it comes to maintenance. Try and reduce this expense by doing regular checks of your home appliances so you can catch faults before things spin out of control and you end up with an exorbitant bill. You should also have a pot of money set aside for home maintenance and repairs, or if you have old appliances consider a repairman subscription so you can spread the costs out while you save up for new machines.

Have Clear Goals 

When you want to save money and spend less, it’s usually a good idea to have clearly defined goals. This helps give saving money a purpose and keeps you motivated. To set financial goals, think about what you need money for and what purpose you want it to serve. For instance, if you want more flexibility, you may decide you want to save to start a business. On the other hand, if more adventure is your goal, you may be saving to take more holidays throughout the year. 

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