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Sitting All Day at Work? Do These!  

As you sit down in front of your computer and begin your daily tasks for work, it becomes obvious that everything you do take its toll.

As you sit down in front of your computer and begin your daily tasks for work, it becomes obvious that everything you do take its toll. Now, it is your time to do your job! Sitting all day at work does not help. Follow and do these simple tips and activities even in the comfort of your workspace.

Stretch and avoid sitting the whole working hours

Sitting is a trend that never dies until today. At an average, a person sits for about 9 hours compared to the total average of sleep a person has in a day, which is 7.7 hours. This becomes a threat to a person’s physical, emotional and mental health, According to studies, even in an hour of sitting, the enzyme production that burns down body fat decreases by 90%.

If the nature of your work requires you to sit but you are concerned about your health, take time to stand and stretch every after an hour or two, Also, you need to keep a tab on the way you sit in order to reduce the chances of acquiring back pain and worse, serious back illness.

Keep Your Phone Away As Much as Possible

Our phones are like drugs, we become addicted and deeply chained to it that we cannot almost live a day without using it. To avoid temptations, make sure to put your phones inside your bags or drawer. This will let you avoid checking it from time to time.

Bring a Tumbler

Bringing a tumbler will allow you to stand when you need to fill it up. While filling it up, take time to walk around for a bit. Get some fresh air and do not ever ask someone to fill it up for you. Stand up and go fill your tumbler.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

Aside from the mess and dirt, eating at your desk will only make you lazy. Get up and eat with your co-workers. Rejuvenate and get some fresh air outside the corners of the office.

However, at times when you cannot go outside for lunch, making time to clean and disinfect your desk after you eat also helps. Even simple cleaning helps in your overall health and well-being, so take the time to clean your desk. Organize the files you have on board to also make your space decent and professional.

Get Some Heating Pad

Having some good heating pads with you is highly recommended in dealing with any pain or discomfort that needs heat therapy. Finding the right heating pad for you is not that hard nowadays because product reviews are all over the internet.

Find Time to Have Some Conversation With Your Co-workers

Aside from the fact that sitting all day can negatively affect your health and well-being, it is also too boring. Researchers recommend that once or as much as you can, take time to converse with your co-workers when schedules are loose. Tell them that you care about them as your co-workers. Remember, positive reinforcement is power. This will not only make you feel better but will also help lighten the atmosphere in the office. Just be careful not to interrupt them when they are very busy.

Drink Coffee Moderately

Coffee is a good energy booster in the morning. It does help in making you alert throughout the day. However, there are times when we forget to drink moderately, so when getting a dose of your daily coffee, make sure you only drink the right amount of it.