Let’s talk beauty shots. What are they and what do they do?

SkinLabo can answer both of these questions for you.

Firstly you need to know that these shots are topical, they are to go on top of the skin, so don’t think about drinking them! You need to apply a few drops onto your clean face (makeup free) and massage gently into the skin. Depending on which SkinLabo shot you use will determine the outcome on your skin.

Secondly, choose wisely – make sure you pick the correct shot for your skin issues. There’s no point in using something for glowing skin if your skin is dry and flaky, you will need to tackle the dryness and flakiness before you can head for a glowing complexion.

Thirdly, if you start to see and feel healthy changes in your skin after using SkinLabo for a few weeks then you’ll know that the shot is working its magic on you.

There are plenty to choose from to suit a wide range of skin requirements, they include:

• AHA & BHA Pure Shot, £13
• Pure Shot Vitamin C, £9
• Concentrated Pure Shot Sensitive Skin, £12
• Tan Booster Pure Shot, £10
• Niacinamide Pure Shot, £13
• SPF 50 Pure Shot, £13

Visit the SkinLabo website to see which shot you need for your skin. If you look after your skin it will look after you in the long run.


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