Slice Live Helps You Kick Your Sugar Cravings

We love a sugar fix here at House of Coco and we also know how bad it actually is for us. We would love to be one of those ‘sugar free’ type people so we decided to seek out some advice to get us started on our healthier journey, with less sugar.

Affordable unlimited fitness class pass website, Slice Live, gives us some advice on how to kick your sugar cravings.

  1. Go cold turkey!Unfortunately one of the best ways to kill a sugar addiction is to just stop having until your palate adjusts to less sugar. You will be amazing at how you will notice the sweetness in things you did not even realise where sweet, and how things that you once loved now seem too sickly to bare! Try going at least 3 weeks on a really low sugar diet. Cut out all processed sugar completely in food and drinks – so nothing where sugar is an ingredient. Cut right down on sweet fruits and replace with veg (if you do want to have some fruit, stick to berries). Resist the temptation to replace sugar with “diet” drinks or anything with artificial sweeteners. The idea is to change your palate, so you want to avoid anything that tastes really sweet. This will be tough, but so worth the effort!
  1. Always read the label! There is sugar lurking in so many food products, it is always best to have a look at the sugar content before you purchase something.
  1. Change your daily habits. Sometime we do things out of habit without thinking. If you are used to always having something sweet after dinner try to gradually change this habit. Start by replacing that with something naturally sweet, like fruit. Then try skipping it completely every other day. Then try increasing the gap between your sweet treats until the become special occasions that you savor, rather than an everyday habit.
  1. Add fermented food to your diet. As well as all the benefits fermented foods have on your gut, many people find that when added to their diet, fermented foods diminish sugar cravings. Also if eaten at the same time as something sugary, the beneficial microflora will minimize the negative effects of the sugar as the fermented foods and drinks will use the sugar as its food.
  1. Increase the amount of fats in your diet. Obviously we are talking about the good fats! Using healthy fats such as butter, olive oil, nuts and avocado can help you to feel full, eat less and reduce cravings for something sweet.
  1. Prepare food so that you enhance the natural sweetness.Try roasting root vegetables to get them to caramelise, or choose seasonal fruit to get it at its best.
  1. Stick to natural sugars.If you really need a hit of something sweet stick to natural sugars for example dates, dried figs, coconut sugar and raisins. While these foods still have high sugar content, they also contain nutrients and fibre and can help to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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