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Slots tournaments

There’s no denying the fact that one of the things which makes slots such a popular part of any online casino is the fun factor.

August 19th, 2019

There’s no denying the fact that one of the things which makes slots such a popular part of any online casino is the fun factor. There’s little if any skill involved in playing slots and, while you may have to plan ahead in terms of exactly how much money you’re willing to spend chasing a win, there’s not much in the way of complex strategies. The fact that entertainment is the key factor behind most slots is underlined by the themed slots you can play – based on TV shows, films, comic books and even rock groups – and by the increasing ‘gamification’ of online slots. The line between slots and video games is becoming increasingly blurred, with slots offering progress through levels and the kind of high-quality visuals that have long been part of gaming. All of this, however, doesn’t detract from the fact that, traditionally, playing slots has been seen as something of a solitary pastime. Unlike other casino games, such as poker, roulette and blackjack, players enjoying slots have generally only been competing with the slot machine itself and with their own ability to make the right choices. One thing which changes this, and introduces a more social aspect to playing slots, is the phenomenon of slots tournaments.

Slots tournaments introduce a social and competitive element to the basic procedure of playing a slot machine. They vary in size and type but what they all have in common is the fact that, rather than simply playing the machine to see how much of your money you can win back, you’ll be playing against huge numbers of other players all over the world to see who can have the most success. The vast majority of the leading online casinos have a range of tournaments you can offer, so all you have to do is find the one that’s best suited to you.

How do slots tournaments work?

The basic process for entering a slots tournament is as follows; you pay a set amount to enter the tournament, and in return you’re given a number of credits to play with. Every player who enters the tournament pays the same and is given the same number of credits, creating a completely level playing field. A percentage of the money which people pay in to enter the tournament is used to create a prize pool which will be divided amongst the players. A leader-board for the tournament will be created, and players compete by spinning the reels to try to amass the biggest bankroll they can over a set time period. The ‘money’ they win on the slots won’t be theirs to keep, but will count toward the total that moves them up or down the leader board.

There are many advantages to playing slots tournaments. One of these is that you get to pay on a wide selection of the huge number of slots on offer without having to worry about the amount of money you might lose doing so. Because you only have to invest a set fee to gain entry to the tournament there’s absolutely no risk of getting carried away and losing more than you can afford because you’re enjoying playing the slots in question so much.

A tournament breakdown

To make the mechanics of a slots tournament clearer, we’ll invent one based on the typical model and set out the details. This slot machine involves playing the famous LotsoCash slot and it costs £50 to enter.If 350 players decide to enter the tournament, then the total prize pot will be £50 multiplied by 350, which equals £17,500. In most cases, the casino will deduct some fees from this total pot, but the percentage differs from site to site and tournament to tournament, so we’ll take the total of the whole pot and divide it up as follows:

1st place – £10,000

2nd place – £3,500

3rd place – £2,000

4th to 13th place – £200 each.

The way the prize pot is divided in a slots tournament like this means that the first placed player gets to take home a healthy jackpot, while even those who come as low as 12th and 13th get walk away with 4 times what they had to pay to enter. Typically, in a tournament of this kind, players will be given something like 1,500 credits and will have 30 minutes playing the slot to try to turn those credits into as big a pile of winnings as they can. The upshot of this is half an hours play for £50, with the chance to win £10,000, and a gaming experience which combines ordinary slots with the thrill of chasing down the other players on the leader board and trying to spin as quickly as possible to maximise the chances of building your winnings.

Winning tips

As with playing slots in general, it’s difficult to come up with a strategy for winning slots tournaments, but there are a few tips that will definitely come in handy. The first of these is to bet the maximum amount on each spin of the wheel. You have to get through the credits in a limited time anyway, and there’s no need to worry about losing too much money. Bigger bets will result in bigger winnings if the symbols fall for you, and that’s how you climb up the leader board.

The other vital tip is to play as quickly as you can. The more spins of the reels you manage to fit into the time frame, the more likely you are to record a victory. If you can set the reels to different speeds choose the fastest and be ready to restart the reels every time the button lights up. If you do win – even if it’s a big win – don’t waste time punching the air and cheering, just get spinning again. Because complete concentration is so important to successfully playing slots tournaments its best to take part when there’s nobody else around to distract you. At the same time, turn the TV and radio off and log out of those all too tempting social media channels. This may all sound very serious but remember there is real money at stake, besides which the thrill of seeing your user name racing up the leader boards can become pretty pleasurable.

Many online casinos offer a range of slots tournaments each and every day. Find an online listing and discover the slots which are best suited to your playing style. As with other slots, it’s even possible to fins slots tournaments which are actually free to play, representing an ideal way of getting to grips with the format.

Laura Bartlett

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