Smells Like Summer!

Scents are magical in the way that one aromatic wave can overwhelm us with memories of the past. How many times has a stranger passed you by on the street wearing the scent of an ex, only for you to be thrown back into nostalgia? Or perhaps the salty smell of the English coast transports you back to yesteryear when you were holidaying with your family? It is scientifically proven that scents and the memory are strongly linked to one another and that when you smell that scent again, you revisit the stories of your past…

Why not make this summer one to remember in every way possible with a tailored perfume for every occasion? Or simply choose one of our recommendations to help you remember the moments; the laughs; the golden memories of 2014!



Summer days – a light summer breeze, a gentle stroll through a park perfumed with the scent of freshly cut grass before returning home to a garden of blooming roses.  Incorporate such delicate thoughts into your daily beauty regime, with a scent that blossoms over time just like the petals of your favourite flower…


Acqua Di Stresa Camellia Soliflor Eau De Parfum is a petal pink composition of flowery notes, including Winter Camelia and Jasmine, wrapped up in a herby exterior of Clove and Black Pepper. The fresh fragrance is light and breezy, but soon warms down to a spicy scent – perfect for you sophisticated ladies with fiery undertones… (; £48.00 for 50ml)

OJ 50ml EdeP Osmanthus

Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus Pure Parfum comes in a satin quilted box and is as special as a bouquet of white flowers delivered right to your doorstep. The Osmanthus flower comes from Japan and stems into your life to intrigue and beguile those around you; as delicate and fresh as a cool summer’s day, you’ll feel womanly and renewed each time you douse yourself. The floral fragrance is embellished with juicy citric notes which together lie upon a woody base of cedar and musk which lasts and lasts, preparing you for whatever the day has in store… (; £90.00 for 50ml)


Date Night

You’re all dolled up and wearing your favourite dress ready for dinner and drinks with the man you love – or perhaps he’s a mystery man? Who cares… because either way, every woman knows that that killer outfit isn’t quite complete without a spritz of something special!

100 percent love

If your date turns up empty-handed, don’t wallow, because you can have both chocolates and roses with S-Perfume 100% Love. The indulgent top note of cocoa romantically develops thanks to the Bulgarian and Turkish Roses within. The fragrance soon calms down – along with your nerves – into a warm musky smell which is truly irresistible. Who knows, if all goes well, he may be treating you to your new favourite fragrance come Christmas… (; £98.00 for 50ml)



The latest fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez is a must-have for women out there who wear the trousers in the relationship. If you’ve chosen to go to a top-class Lobster restaurant, and your other half hasn’t had a say in the matter, you need a fragrance as assertive and elusive as you are. Within NARCISO are notes of velvetier, white and dark ceders, gardenia, Bulgarian rose, musk and amber to leave a trail that he’s sure to be following… (Available August 28 at; £69.00 for 90ml)


Drinks with the Girls

There’s nothing us girls look forward to more than having a catch-up with our gorgeous ladies. It’s a chance to dress up, have a laugh and talk a load of girly rubbish with one another. Whether you’re a stylish bunch or an ultimately crazy crew, wear a fragrance that will remind you of them each time it’s worn…



If you’re searching for a scent that screams out Sex & The City, look no further than Re Profumo Alexandros. Inspired by a story that’s as original as the friendship you have with your girls; this scent is one that’s not to be forgotten. The fragrance opens with cardamom, incense and ylang ylang, before jasmine bursts out and settles into a sophisticated scent of patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood and leather stirred together – like your favourite cocktail – with a splash of vanilla (; £125.00 for 50ml)


For an evening of fun and frolics, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is the perfect accompaniment.  Celebrate your friendship with a fruity cocktail of blackberry, grapefruit and pear before a sweet explosion of jasmine, blue wisteria and lychee shoots into the air. The fragrance settles gently, as the scent of white woods, musk and coconut water join you and your ladies to wherever your night may lead… (; £50.00 for 50ml)


A Holiday Retreat

Whether you’re jetting away to a mini paradise somewhere far away, or keeping your fingers crossed that the weather holds up for your beach break in England – it’s always nice to treat yourself to a perfume that will be a part of the memories for many years to come…


Jul et Mad Aqua Sexitus is idealistic for a romantic break in Paris; the fragrance is an ode to enjoying life and celebrates the magical encounter between two people in love.  The scent begins with a refreshing cocktail of lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit before venturing back to the hotel room to discover a beautiful vase of white flowers. The perfect night continues and settles down amidst the bed sheets as delicate woody notes caress your skin, before your man ventures to do the same…(; £225 for 50ml)

Angel Eau Sucree 50ml EDT bottle HR - 10191720 - 3439600191721

Envision walking along the beach front at your favourite English destination, a sweet ice cream cone in hand whilst giggling along with your much-loved Mother. Whether you envisage yourself young or old, Angel’s limited edition perfume – Angel Eau Sucree – is a sweet fragrance which revives the best memories of childhood. The scent is a mouth-watering treat, opening with sparkling red berry sorbet, before transforming into light caramelized meringue. The deliciousness continues as soft vanilla remains coupled with sensual oriental accords of patchouli. (; £42.00 for 50ml)

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