Snarkitecture X Beats Collaborate to Turn the Iconic Studio Headphone Into Exclusive, Limited Edition Piece of Art

Beats by Dr. Dre has teamed up with art and design practice Snarkitecture to create a limited edition art piece that includes the iconic Beats Studio headphone and Snarkitecture’s famed Pillow made from white cultured marble.

Snarkitecture’s approach reimagines the Beats Studio headphone as a completely matte white object.  By stripping away the familiar colors and logos, the headphones are reduced to their purest form.  The result is an abstracted version that appears to resemble a plaster model of the original.

Beats By Dr Dre x Snarkitecture 2

The accompanying pillow provides a dedicated and memorable resting place for the headphones.  Appearing as a soft form molded by the weight of the headphones, the impression remains fixed when they are removed as the folds and indentations are cast from white cultured marble, creating a moment frozen in time.  Together, the headphones and pillow offer a glimpse of Snarkitecture’s world, where the familiar becomes extraordinary.

Limited supplies will be available at beginning June 9th in the US, with Europe and Asia to follow.



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