Soak Away In Dreamy Oats

Sometimes all we need at House of Coco is a long luxuriating soak in a beautiful bathtub. This simple luxury can be achieved wherever we are in the world as long as we have a bath to relax in.

Occasionally we need bubbles, often scented soaps, but mostly we need products that leave our skin soft, soothed and healthy.

Oat Soak by Skin Shop is 100% natural and instantly calms and smoothes dry, itchy and irritated summer skin. Oats can help calm inflammatory skin problems including eczema, dermatitis, heat rash and psoriasis. They can also help soothe sunburn, which is great to hear, especially as we are experiencing a UK heatwave, resulting in a few sunburn issues!

Oat Soak

Oats are widely recognized as being a highly effective skin-soothing aide. They contain up to 20 times more silica in them than other plants. Silica is a cross-linking agent that helps strengthen skin and gives it elasticity and smoothness.

However, it has been noted over the years that oats can be very messy! Oat Soak bath sachets have solved this messy problem and have turned oats into a successful bathtime experience. Tare made from pure ground colloidal oats, which are a finer form of oats that can remain suspended in the water, make Oat Soak very pleasant to relax in and easy to wash away with bath water, much like any other bath product.

It is recommended that Oat Soak is added to the bath water up to 10 minutes prior to taking the bath, then soak at your hearts content until your skin feels instantly soothed and smooth.

Oat Soak sachets are suitable for use on children, are free from all chemicals and perfumes, and are travel friendly, which means they are perfect for our worldly wanderlust travels at House of Coco.

Priced at just £1.95 per single sachet or £9.95 for 10 sachets, from

Rachel McAlley

Rachel is currently a UK travel writer and beauty writer for House of Coco, she spends most of the week locked away in her country garden studio watching the world whizz by, and most of the weekend whizzing around the UK!

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