Social Fitworking : The New Kid on The Block

Here at House of Coco we need all the help we can get when it comes to fitness. Bodireel is set to transform the way we approach getting fit, forever.  The pioneering health and fitness service is to launch a game-changing new in-app feature in December that will directly connect its users with high profile professional fitness trainers – dubbed ‘Master Trainers’ – via their phones. 

Bodireel subscribers will can receive the professional advice, support and motivation they need to achieve their goals, directly from the best health and fitness professionals in the business. Users of the app will be hotwired to Master Trainers who specialise in precisely the goals they want to achieve.

Exercise programs will include 3D avatars demonstrating each exercise, and will allow users to record the specifics of their routine. What’s more, users will get daily tips, support and encouragement from their Master Trainer on all aspects of their training, nutrition and recovery.

Andy Bowness, CEO of Bodireel commented: Our latest feature reflects a step-change in the health and fitness space. We predict that Instagram-style platforms for fitness fans will be the trend for 2017, allowing users to engage with professional athletes in a way never seen before.  For just £7.00 a month, our users can now take inspiration from some of the best athletes out there, following and engaging with them in a whole new way.

“The Master Trainer feature will not only allow users to get expert advice directly from professional fitness trainersbut also see what these experts actually do themselves, follow their example, apply their lifestyle habits and get an insight into their lives to understand just what it is they’re doing to keep themselves in such great shape.”

The Bodireel Master Trainer feature connects users with professionals in a uniquely personalized way, giving them access to the comprehensive support and information they need, and at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

“This allows our users to take part in professionally-tailored fitness sessions through their phones, revolutionising the traditional way we interact with fitness professionals and changing the way we workout forever,” added Bowness.

The Bodireel Master Trainer feature is now available to all Bodireel customers. 

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